Shannon Sharpe vs Grizzlies is why FIFA is still so rotten

Former 21st Century Fox CEO Hernan Lopez

Former 21st Century Fox CEO Hernan Lopez
picture: AP

The easiest thing to write while I sit down to do it is go off into a rant Shannon Sharp vs. Memphis Grizzlies. I wouldn’t even have to think about it. Sharpe started a Twitter battle from his seats on the court saying it all in the headline. However, I am stuck because the The New York Times Drop a report about Fox Sports allegedly paying $400 million or so in bribes to FIFA for the rights to the 2018 and 2022 World Cups. “).

It’s easy to get distracted from the bigger story

What we care about is not necessarily what we want to consume. Not a bad thing. Little shit like a retired tight end trying to fight Ja Morant’s dad impersonator/Usher is what keeps us going all day. Who doesn’t like to turn off their brains and just laugh at the TV screen?

Whatever bizarre in-universe events that set off the chain of events that led to Shannon Sharpe having words with the entire Memphis Grizzlies roster and extended family, happened more frequently after the advent of the internet.

There is new stupid shit to look at on the internet every single day. That’s basically my job, and that’s why I’m less of a fan of the next runner, the next meme, the next whatever.

Ultimately, what transpired at Staples Center on Friday night doesn’t affect us. Other than maybe my coworker who has to get up early Monday morning to cover Undisputed and write about Sharpe’s recollection of the altercation.

FIFA under fire

However, FIFA’s corruption It plays a big enough role in sports fans’ lives that we should give that story as much attention as the redundant stuff. the The World Cup in Qatar was a disaster for human rightsAnd I’m not just talking about Alexi Lalas’ comment. I know a few more clicks on a story about how incapable FIFA is of bringing down their system. However, letting pressing issues slide is how unchecked energy goes. FIFA will not audit itself.

The most intense part of working in media is seeing what and how society consumes content. It’s a sacred moment once you realize how many people check out and spend time watching someone make a plate of pizza. And honestly, I don’t blame them. If my options are to try to take care of every injustice on this planet or connect myself to the Matrix, I choose the Matrix.

The weight of earthly suffering will break you if you try to bear it all. And that’s why we have distractions. Like the sports feud between TV personalities and my dad being a basketball player. What I’m saying — if you say anything at all and not just fill in the blank with text — is that you should care about injustice and social issues and all that stuff way more than the shiny stuff on Instagram.

The silly stuff will still be there. I promise, the internet will never run out of content. Find a balance with that, and make sure you know what’s going on behind the headline or big news story of the day. There is always wild news going on all over the world, and a lot of stories don’t get the coverage they deserve because media is based on page views as they are currently generated.

Newsrooms and outlets It is still being cutAnd I don’t know about you, but I’d rather not live in a world ruled by influencers.

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