Shari Reeves deletes her Twitter account – one word from Ralph Caspers is enough

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On Twitter, the former Knowledge Makes Ah! Moderators Shary Reeves and Ralph Caspers due to a viral tweet from Shary.

Lützerath, Germany – The whole of Germany is currently looking forward to Lützerath, a small town in North Rhine-Westphalia. There coal is mined under the hamlet. Thousands of people are protesting about it. The power of previous knowledge ah! Moderator Shari Reeves drew attention with her polarizing tweet on the subject. I TV Companion Ralph Caspers bashes his former classmate with his answer Twitter completely in the pan.

nickname Knowledge make ah!
the ring 462+ in 15 seasons
Produce WDR Cologne
moderators Shari Reeves & Ralph Caspers (Secretary) Clarissa Correa Da Silva & amp; Tarkan Bagsi (active)
Type Knowledge Journal
appearance TV program

Knowledge make ah! Moderators get Twitter in the dark – Dispute has consequences

Unexpected beef on twitter: knowledge make ah! It was one of the most influential children’s shows of the early 2000s. The moderator’s pair of Shari Reeves and Ralph Caspers have educated the kids about some of the interesting scientific aspects of the world. in a simple and tangible way, which made the show an absolute success.

In 2017, Shari Reeves left the show after 16 years. Since then, she has devoted herself, among other things, to her interest in football and has served, among other things, as a presenter for the UEFA Champions League games. Former co-star Ralph Kaspers will step down from the show in the summer of 2022. For more than two decades, it has provided its viewers with educational content.

Knowledge make ah!  Shari Reeves and Twitter Ralph Casper
Knowledge make ah! Former moderators team started Twitter beef © DPA: WDR_Tom_Wegner / Twitter

On January 14th, the former companions bickered on Twitter of all places. Shari Reeves was disparaging Greta Thunberg’s involvement in protests against coal mining in Lützerath. Apparently, Ralph Caspers didn’t like her statement. New owner Elon Musk feels like a god on Twitter.

Greta Thunberg was at Lützerath with Buddy Neubauer. She missed shit, but I would have asked how was the business class flight to Goodie Germany. Life can sometimes be climatic… nice weekend to you.” the tweet It was viewed over 600,000 times before deletion and had just over 300 likes. There have been a number of scandals on Twitter over the past year. Ralph Kaspers responded to this tweet with a simple word:RateAnd I got over 20 times more likes as a result.

Ah the power of knowledge! Al Waseet Deletes Twitter Account With Just One Word – Why?

But what does the ratio mean? This is Twitter slang. Originally, the ratio meant that a tweet received more comments than likes, which meant that many people disagreed with the content of the tweet. Ratio now has a slightly different meaning, but it still serves the same purpose.

If someone writes something you want to object to, you comment on the percentage of words. The goal is for that word to get more likes than the original tweet itself, to show that the original tweet is not relevant or that the majority of readers disagree with the content. Face previous knowledge make ah! Moderators actually have consequences, because Shari Reeves not only deleted her tweet, but her entire account.

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