Should I watch Nichols’ photo video? Advice from a trauma expert

As America prepares to release the video tonight of Memphis police killing Tyre Nichols, people should reflect on the shock of witnessing the disturbing video and the potential lasting effects.

What is the effect of watching graphic videos of real-life violence?

Dr.. Amanda J. CalhounAdults and teens, especially black people, should think carefully before using videos of police violence, says an expert in the psychological impact of trauma.

Dr. Amanda J. Calhoun, a resident adult/child psychiatrist at Yale University School of Medicine, anti-racism activist, researcher and educator, told Knox News that watching police brutality videos can have lasting effects on mental health.

What should you prepare to see in Tyre Nichols body cam footage?

Memphis officials will release video footage after 6 p.m. today that shows five police officers beating Nichols to death. Nicole’s stepfather warned that the video contained “appalling content”.

Noted civil rights attorney Benjamin Crump described the video as a “shameless, nonstop beating” of three minutes.

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