Ski jumping: Eisenbichler III in Sapporo – Geiger disappointed

Status: 01/22/2023 10:55 AM

Markus Eisenbichler gave the German ski jumping team a conciliatory finish at the World Cup final in Sapporo, Japan, with a podium finish. On the other hand, Carl Geiger had a bad day.

Marcus Eisenbichler treated himself to another bowl of sushi, then set off on the long trek home with a plush toy and his first winter pad in his luggage. “I didn’t think it would work so well here. I’m really happyThe six-time ski jumping world champion said after an odd weekend in Sapporo, he grinned and set off on the 8,700-kilometre journey from Japan to Bavaria.

Eisenbichler: “Damn it, enjoy the weather”

On Saturday, Eisenbichler was 31st and woefully missed the second round – again. A few hours later, he surprisingly took third place in the 1972 Olympic ski jump.”I just thought to myself: Damn it, enjoy the weather and the beautiful view and don’t be as stubborn as it was Saturdaysaid the man from Siegsdorf, who took the podium for the first time since March 2022.

Markus Eisenbichler seems to have overcome his low form and came back with a strong performance at the world wide extended level. Norway’s Halvor Egner Granerud won.

And it worked: after a jump of 140.5m, Eisenbichler finished seventh at the start, before starting to catch up in the second round with 139.5m and securing only Germany’s second podium of the winter. Andreas Wellinger, the best German in the first two Sapporo races in eighth and seventh, made his way from 26th to 12th with the second-best turn jump.

Geiger searches for the model

After the disappointing Four Hills Championship, there were at least small signs of DSV-Adler’s rise. However, this does not apply to Karl Geiger: the guy from Oberstdorf missed the second turn on Sunday and left Japan in 20th, 22nd and 34th places.Not the best weekendHe still has a lot of work to do before the World Championships in Planica (from February 21), said Geiger.

This is also seen in the overall World Cup, where Geiger, who finished 13th, is no longer the best German for the first time this season – Wellinger has risen to 11th. Pole Daoud Kobacki still leads, but his string of ten consecutive podium finishes is broken – 11th on Sunday was his worst result of the winter.

Carl Geiger once again fell short of expectations.

The other Germans are unrelated to the top spots: Stefan Leahy, who finished second on the Okurayama hill in 2020, returns to Germany with ranks of 24th, 17th and 21st. Tour surprise Philippe Raymond comes in 35th, 27th and 25th, while Constantin Schmid takes the places 22, 19 and 22.

Kobayashi returns impressively

On the other hand, Ryoyu Kobayashi is back on top of the world. After a voluntary break from competition, the Japanese celebrated with two wins on his home hill and finished third once. Compatriot Noriaki Kasai (50), who failed to qualify on Friday and Saturday in his return to the World Cup after three years, is no longer making his start on Sunday.

Kasai will probably have to wait a long time for his next mission. On the other hand, Eisenbichler & Co. will be competing in the first ever winter ski flying event in Kulm in Austria next weekend — and they want to continue their gentle climb there.

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