Ski jumping: liberation in the team – DSV-Adler is back on the podium

Status: 01/14/2023 5:36 PM

The German jumpers are back. In the first competition after the disappointing Four Hills Championship, DSV-Adler flew to the podium in the team competition in Zakopane.

Third place was a win for Marcus Eisenbichler, Philipp Raymond, Karl Geiger and Andreas Wellinger. In team competition, the DSV players only had to make room for Austria and Poland on Saturday (01/14/2023). A jump on the winner’s podium can serve as a stepping stone to the upcoming individual events and the Nordic World Ski Championships. “We won third today, but we also dropped a few things“The national team coach Stefan Horngacher, who was above all happy that he was able to catch up to the top, said:”The boys did a good job.

The laughter has returned

People paid more attention to ski jumping technique for the direct follow-up, Horngacher said after the tour: “We are not where we want to be yet.However, the good mood in the German team has returned.The mood is good againAbove all, his second round jump at 140 metres, said Eisenbichler, who, as the primary jumper, laid the foundation for the team’s strong performance.

After the disappointing Four Hills Championship, the team competition in Zakopane is now under the DSV-Adler program – votes after competition.

Centimeter resolution between Austria and Poland

The Austrians spoiled the Polish ski jumping ceremony and won the “Great rafterIn the end, the distance between Austria and Poland was only a point or half a meter. Germany was already third in the first half, because all four jumpers were able to improve, and the place on the podium was never in danger. The deficit melted away, and in the end, after eight jumps, the team was only 7.1 points behind the Austrian winner.

The Eisenbichler bird kicks you out

Marcus Eisenbichler, who had earned the national coach’s trust despite a spotty performance, came back with two spaces in the lead. With 131m in the first round, he laid the foundation as a starting point and moved on the same level as Slovenia (Lovro Kos) and Norway (Marius Lindvik). Pole Kamil Stoch (134 metres) and Austrian Daniel Chovenig (137 metres) were slightly ahead. In the second round, Eisenbichler went even better: he was the first jumper to break the 140-meter mark and kept the DSV quadruple on the way to third place. Austria took the lead because Stoch went down after 128 metres.

Raymond at the team’s premiere without the Wobblers

As in the Four Hills tournament, newcomer Philippe Raymond turned out to be a lucky runner-up. The youngster jumped for the first time in a team competition and pushed DSV-Adler into third place with 127.5 metres. He beat Petr Brevc (Slovenia) and the Norwegian Christopher Eriksen Sundal. In the second round, Brevc and Sundal were strong, but Raymond countered with 131.5 metres. Germany maintained an 11.8-point lead over Slovenia. Norway was already behind with 33 points.

After the disappointing Four Hills Championship, the team competition in Zakopane entered the DSV-Adler program – second round.

Jaeger – finally the old man again

In his group, Karl Geiger had to deal with Timmy Zag (Slovenia), Johan Andre Furfang (Norway), Pawel Wasek (Poland) and Manuel Wittner (Austria). With a jump to 136 meters, he took meters away from all his rivals, and the lead over the Austrians, who were ahead at that time, melted to 8.8 points. Poland’s cushion shrank to 1.2 points because shaky favorite Wasek lost 15 metres. In the second round, Geiger went one step further and did not shock his rivals from the upper distances. With 138 metres, he consolidated third place – and gave Wellinger a good lead in fourth place (about 25 points).

Wellinger defends third place

Final jumper Andreas Wellinger, who had done well in qualifying and training, made a huge mistake on the first jump. With 125.5 metres, he opened the door for competition from Norway (Halvor Egner Granerud) and Slovenia (Anze Lanisek). The duo kept jumping, but couldn’t overtake the German. The gap between the leaders was also limited, because the Austrian Stefan Kraft (130m) also did not have a great day. Thanks to Dawid Kubacki, Poland reached the final as the first-half leader. In the second round, the lead was so great that Wellinger calmly cruised and defended third place with 131.5 metres. It didn’t move forward because Kubacki and Kraft showed no weakness.

After the disappointing Four Hills Championship, the team competition in Zakopane entered the DSV-Adler program – first round.

The Role of the Spectator for Leyhe and Schmid

Horngacher was at a loss when it came to the lineup. He did without Stefan Leahy and Konstantin Schmid. Pius Bashk is not at first in Zakopane. The veteran had to vacate his place in the World Cup squad after disappointing performances at the Four Hills Championship.

Singles on Sunday

On Sunday there will be an individual ski jumping competition in Zakopane. In qualifying, Andreas Wellinger was particularly impressive. The winner of the heat was Austrian Daniel Chovenig, who showed in the team competition on Saturday that his jump was no flash in the pan. DSV coach Horngacher on the goals: “A place on the podium would be very good. If we had two or three players in the top ten, I would be very happy with the weekend.

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