Small-budget horror ‘Skinamarink’ gets a theatrical boost – Deadline

Shudder and IFC Midnight launch the small budget Skinmark On Screen 629 isn’t very accurate, giving the viral horror picture a huge boost after a well-received premiere at Fantasia Festival that kept building with strong reviews and social media love.

“I was over the moon. To a Canadian horror film director, [Fantasia] First-time filmmaker Kyle Edward Ball says of the run-up to the raucous festival opening this week: He shot a $15,000 movie at his parents’ house in Edmonton, Canada.

In it, two children wake up in the middle of the night to find that their father is missing and all the windows and doors in their house gone. “I had a nightmare when I was little. I was at my parents’ house, and my parents were missing, and there was a monster. And a lot of people have shared this exact same dream,” Paul tells Deadline. should know. After film school and a stint selling video equipment, he launched a YouTube channel called Bitesized Nightmares where users described and recreated their nighttime fears.

idea Skinmark “Fit like a glove,” he said. “I just started writing.”

It’s purposefully dark, low-res, grainy. Not a conventional footage movie, but watching it is not surprising that Ball called it The Blair Witch Project “One of my comfort movies.”

“I always say horror is the most interesting, because horror has to keep reinventing itself in ways that other genres don’t necessarily have to. Because it eats its young. Every good idea gets copied,” and people say they want to see something new.

Other Notable Openers: Super Presents France’s Oscar Selection Presentation Saint-Omer by Alice Diop on 245 screens. The film had its world premiere at the Venice Film Festival, and won the Silver Lion Grand Jury Award and the Luigi De Laurentiis Lion of the Future Award for Best Debut. Review deadline here. based on a true story, Saint-Omer In part it is a contemporary version of the Medea legend, as it tells the story of novelist Rama (Kaiji Kagame) who attends the trial of Lawrence Colley (Goslaghi Malanga), a young woman accused of killing her 15-month-old daughter on a beach in northern France. Valérie Dréville and Aurélia Petit star in Diop’s second post-documentary film we (we)Which won the Berlin Film Festival Encounters Award in 2021. Saint-Omer It has also been shown at TIFF, NYFF and London BFI. Diop wrote the screenplay with Amrita David and novelist Marie Ndiaye.

Cinedigm, along with the Circle Collective, presents Pete Ohs’ supernatural comedy Githika in Los Angeles at Lumiere Music Hall before expanding to select movie theaters nationwide. Premieres on the relaunched streaming site by Cinedigm on February 14th. The movie premiered at SXSW last year, reviewing Deadline here. Hiding out in New Mexico after a freak accident, Elena (Kali Hernandez) runs into Jessica (Ashley Dennis Robinson), an old friend from high school. When Jessica’s stalker (Will Madden) suddenly shows up at their door, they must seek help from beyond the grave to get rid of him for good.

Movie progression Chess story On two New York/LA screens (quadruple, Laemmle Monica), it’ll expand to about 20 markets next week. Directed by Philipp Stölzl, starring Albrecht Schöch, Oliver Masucci, Rolf Lasgarde and Birgitte Männichmeier. In 1938 Nazi Germany, notary Josef Bartok escapes solitary confinement by escaping into the world of chess with the help of a book of famous matches. Adapted from Stefan Zweig’s latest novel.

Third Day Productions offers sci-fi adventure horror Satan’s plot on 925 screen. Directed by Nathan Frankowski, written by Ed Allen, and starring Alice Orr Ewing, Evelyn Hall, and Joe DoyleAnd Joe Anderson, Peter Mensah, Brian Caspi, and James Faulkner. When a powerful hack allows a biotech company to clone history’s most influential person from a few fragments of DNA, the demon cabal behind the company steals the Shroud of Christ to create the ultimate offering to Satan. Archangel Michael comes to Earth to save the day. The movie was severely delayed with violent night In December and early January, along with the important placement food menu And M3GAN.

VMI Worldwide provides the document My Father Muhammad Ali In limited edition. The doc tells the story of the boxing champion through the eyes of his son, Muhammad Ali Jr., who struggles with bullying, abandonment, addiction, and heartbreak to finally find peace. Directed by Chad Verdi and Tom Dinucci.

The decal displays horror and excitement the proposal On 20 screens and digital / VOD. Directed by Oliver Park, written by Hank Hoffman. Starring Nick Blood, Emily Weisman, Alan Cordner, Paul Kaye. In the aftermath of the disappearance of a young Jewish girl, the son of a Hasidic funeral director returns home with his pregnant wife in hopes of reconciling with his father. But right below them in the family morgue lurks an ancient evil with sinister plans for the unborn child.

Samuel Goldwyn presents Louis-Julien Petit’s kitchen brigade In ten digital and VOD theaters. With Audrey Lamy, François Closet, Chantal Neuwirth, Fatoumata Kaba, Amadou Bah, Boubacar Balde, Mamadou Koita, Yannick Kalumbo. Cathy, a 40-year-old chef, wants to open a place of her own, but in financial straits she reluctantly accepts a job in the cafeteria of a young immigrant shelter.

Shout Studios presents environmental dramas On sacred ground by Josh and Rebecca Tickle in 15 theaters and on demand. This is the first feature film depicting the events of the 2016 Access Pipeline Dakota protests. The cast includes David Arquette, William Mapother, Amy Smart, Irene Bedard, Kerry Knopp, Frances Fisher, Mariel Hemingway, David Midthunder, and Chee Jim. Based on the events surrounding the construction of the pipeline, which runs through the Standing Rock Indian Reservation. Daniel (Mappother), a journalist and military veteran, and Elliott (Arquette), an oil company executive, find themselves on opposite sides of one of the most heated confrontations with Native American tribes in modern US history.

Note: utopia Holy spider It expands to 100 screens in Week 12 with support from AMC and Regal.

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