Solo review of TSV 1860 Munich vs FSV Zwickau: Five times 2 for the mighty Lions

Munich After five consecutive league matches without a win, TSV 1860 München is finally back on the road to success. Thanks to the first half, the score was 3: 1 against FSV Zwickau.

Notes for Leo players

Marco Heller – Note 3: It has only been tested in tough ground conditions. With an excellent reaction to a header from Eichinger (21). But again, she didn’t always succeed as sovereign.

Yannick Deichmann – Note 2: He led the lion game again and again with energetic runs and showed how much his failure at Mannheim inflicted on the six. With a sprint over 70 metres, he also started 2-0 and was clearly superior to his opponent in the duels.

Leandro Morgalla – Note 2: King in a duel and with clear and clean actions. Just the right recipe for snowfall. He also actively participated in the game and was mostly alert against Zwickau’s attack albeit harmlessly.

Belkahia surprise in the starting line-up

Sami Belkahia – Note 2: Surprisingly for Jesper, Verlat moved into the starting line-up. She justified confidence with a confident look and no-frills game.

Philip Steinhart – Third row: Every now and then he left a lot of space on his side, which Zwickau only knew how to use sporadically. Overall, though, it also improved compared to the previous week.

Team Rider – Note 2: Everything was under control in sixth place. Strong in duels, with a general outlook and determination. convincing idea.

Martin Kobylanski It is better to immerse yourself in the game than in Mannheim, but also against a much weaker opponent. He gave extra confidence with his third goal of the season. But it had to get out.

Holzhauser scored with his first work

Raphael Holzhauser – Note: 3: The first action, the first sixty goals of the new lion with a skilful header. Otherwise a distributor of the ball in midfield, but there is still room for improvement.

Albion Vrenezi – Note 3: Graceful like its counterpart, Boyamba. He always made an impact in Zwickau’s defence, mostly on the left. Made it 3-0 with a sensitive contribution from Koblanski.

Joseph Boyamba – Note 3: In Waldhof after being substituted without any connection to the game, this time an asset. Fast turns are hard to understand. With a little more determination, he could have rewarded himself with a goal. It received applause when it was replaced.

Fynn Lakenmacher – Note 2: He was also almost invisible in Mannheim, but the blond giant was preferred to Marcel Parr. Holzhauser made it a watch-worthy 1-0 and used Deichmann’s energy to score his seventh goal of the season, his first since mid-September.

Christopher Lannert – Note 3: He must help secure the score and do it to the best of his ability. Even with one or two successful offensive operations.

Leave only bench presses at first

Marius Würl – Note 3: The game fit well, and took a hit in the foot. A committed performance from the youngster yet to come.

Marcel Barr – Note 3: He came to Lakenmacher and was much safer with the ball than last time. In Mannheim, it is also narrowly defined. The knot exploded with a purpose but not again.

Stefan Lakes – Note 3: Wooden houses were replaced and relief provided. More accuracy with the wings could have contributed to the fourth goal and thus calmed the game.

Jesper Verlaat – Unrated: His relegation to the bench was certainly a personal setback. He came to cover Boyamba in the closing stages.

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