Sonia Zytlow has a hot guess about Marc Terenzi’s nude

HUERTH, GERMANY - AUGUST 08: Sonja Zietlow appears during the TV show finale

Marc Terenzi extracted a confession from Sonia Zytlow.Bild: Getty Images Europe / Sascha Steinbach


Vera Siebnish

On the 15th day in the woods, they had to stars It is still processing the events of the previous day. The rift between Lucas, Gigi, and the parents still hangs over many, even if Lucas emphasizes how important the atmosphere in the team is to him. Jamila and Gigi had the chance to prove themselves while searching for the treasure. Parents are not the only ones who stripped the soul.

Today’s confession

Jamila was still concerned about her relationship with her son. I regret showing it on “We Are Family” earlier. “I think that was a big mistake,” she said.. “Back then I was shooting and doing a lot of things just to be in front of the camera.” But he also knows that they are long gone Jungle camp And he spoke.

Jamila was afraid that her son might have a completely wrong image of her. “There are so many things I never tell my son. Abuse, for example. Stasi has mine life Of course. I’ve always been smitten. I am only ten years old School gold. I wanted to study, I wanted to be a lawyer. She explained that Jamila would like more communication with her son until she “just receives a call.”

The topic came up again while on a treasure hunt with Gigi. “You are a great mother,” Gigi tried to motivate Jamila. When they successfully return to camp with their wages, Gigi declares, “If I were Jamila’s son, I’d be so proud of my mom!” Jamila quickly gained a newfound self-confidence. “I realize this strength is growing within me,” she proudly explained. The reward was coffee. After their return, Gigi and Jamila still cared for each other. “I saw a whole new, loving side of him today,” Jamila explained. Gigi summed it up: “Sometimes reality TV is cool.”

Test you Knowledge in the jungle contest

Wisdom of the day Gigi

Gigi has continued to prove that his heart is in exactly the right place. “Women make the world beautiful” he said to Jamila as they hugged. He not only impresses Jamila, but also his fellow campers. And then it got even better. “Would you like to hear some wisdom from me? I’ll build you a house, but you make me a home. I’ll get you.” Essen And bring me a meal. Thin It’s just everything! ”

ATTENTION: The blackout period for all media is until Thursday, 01/26/2023, 11:45 PM!!!  Day 14 in camp.  In Gigi Birofio things turn up, after all his close confidante Cecilia had to leave the camp.  s ...

Gigi impresses his fellow campersPhoto: rtl

But Gigi wouldn’t be Gigi if he didn’t bring up another topic after that. When asked how his family feels about his reality TV appearances, he replies, “My mom doesn’t watch my shows much, but her friends do and then they always send her everything. My dad feels really comfortable about it. He did the reality ‘I can’t do anything else.'” Giggs fans He will say with certainty that he does it well at least.

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The saddest moment of the day

In an interview with Jolina, Babis frankly spoke about the fact that his mother had known for a long time that he was gay and accepted him. But to this day, she hasn’t literally told him about it. “Being gay is perceived very badly in Senegal,” Babis explained. “I don’t want to give them the chance to say to my mom, ‘You brought the devil into the house.'”

Babis has spoken openly about his desire to be able to better help other people in Senegal who are in a similar situation. “Sometimes they write to me:“ Great, you freed yourself, you succeeded. If only you knew what it is here. It is not good to live here. “It’s a cry for help and there’s nothing you can do,” he said. When he told Jungle Telephone that 18-20-year-olds in particular would write to him, tears welled up. “You can’t save everyone,” he said. “But it breaks my heart.”

Jungle Camp: These are the weirdest deluxe items


Jungle Camp: These are the weirdest deluxe items

These: imago / lumma photo

Babis Julina admitted that he himself was once in a similar situation. “Thank God, my mother heard my screams. My inner screams and suffering. She also helped me apply for a visa.” “I am very happy that Babis has hopped off to Europe, where his physical safety is assured,” said Jolina, visibly moved. But Babis indicated that his mother had not yet met his partner, although traveling with him to Senegal one day would mean a lot to him, Babis continued.

Today’s surprise

Former King of the Jungle Mark Terenzi actually appeared in the teaser of the show and fed the flying squirrel popcorn. But it shouldn’t be the last encounter with him on the Today Show. A little later he is seen with Sonia and Jan and suddenly he is wearing lighter clothes. Mark suddenly stood up completely naked, with only a bag full of money preventing him from fully revealing himself. This caused a negative reaction on the network: “Nothing can beat Mark Terenzi’s embarrassment factor this season. You can really congratulate Verena on her catch,” said one user. Sonya saw it a little differently. “I think I know now what Verena likes about him,” she joked appreciatively, hinting at the former boy star’s genital area.

Jungle test

Jolina and Cosimo were allowed to compete in the jungle test today and they were there for the second time together. The task: In a tank that was constantly filling with water, the two stars had to collect them by maneuvering them through a maze with magnets. Of course they still get it Gesellschaft Lots of small animals including olive eels, water dragons, snakes, crabs, crabs, water spiders and crocodiles.


Cosimo and Julina showed tactPhoto: rtl/Stefan Thoyah

Meanwhile, Agami makes himself comfortable on Julina’s head. In order to solve the task, the two had to work closely together and put up a good fight, even as Cosimo screamed his lungs out. After all, the two fetched three out of six stars. Cosimo was interested in one thing above all else: he really wanted to know if it was a the animals sex Maybe it was while he was in the tank with them.

who is out

Claudia was the last to leave the camp. Today she was allowed to see her BFF Verena, Cecilia, Markus, Jana and Tessa again at the hotel. First, however, she was greeted with champagne by her companion, Tim Mathey, as befits her status. Now Babis will follow her: the model received the least number of votes from the audience and is now officially in the fight for the title of King of the Jungle. A shock, especially for Jolina: she was nominated with him and cried when it became clear that Babis had to go.

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