Star Wars is officially legalizing planets from Legends Lore

easter egg in Disney +‘s Andor It officially made several canon planets that were previously part of Star Wars Legends.

Andor It broke the mold that most Star Wars projects have followed for nearly 50 years by not featuring the Flashing Lights, Jedi, Sith, or The Force, even though it is set during the rise of the Galactic Empire.

However, the series has had its fair share of easter eggs linking it to other Star Wars moments or characters. The most famous were different On sale are galactic relics and objects of interesta shop run by Luthen Rael of Stellan Skarsgård.

Now, it appears that there was another scene during Episode 4 of the Andor which was full of easter eggs and actually brought some star Wars Mythology material in the official canon.

Star wars legends planets of endor episode 4

Lucasfilm Executive Creative Director Pablo Hidalgo A recently confirmed Star Wars fan Twitter post indicating that Episode 4 of the Andor It included a list written in Galactic Basic which was translated into actual planet names from the Star Wars galaxy.

Andor, Star Wars Planets

The names of the planets of Aurebesh can be seen in the list of flights when Cyril Karen Kyle Soler It’s going through Coruscant Spaceport at 24:52.

What’s most notable about this easter egg is the fact that three of the planets come from different parts of the media throughout Star Wars Legends. This means that Andor Responsible for bringing them officially into the canon.

One of the planets mentioned in the list was Balfron, which appeared in Galaxy Guide 1: A New Hope book. Originally published in 1989, the book served as a companion guide to Star Wars: Role-playing game. Balfron is one of the Core Worlds, which is relatively close to Coruscant, and is famous for housing several casinos, where players can bet on entire planets while playing Sabacc.

Balfron, Star Wars Legends
star Wars

The most famous gambling center in the world is known as The High Stakes Casino. In Legends, it’s where Han Solo And Lando Calrissian He met the Tonnika sisters for the first time.

Another Planet of Legends is now canon thanks Andor He is Junior. Like Balfron, Jonsior is located within the Core Worlds. Her first and only appearance in Star Wars Legends came from the official online Star Wars fan club known as Hyperspace, which was discontinued in 2011.

The planet itself is described as orbiting human-occupied moons that serve as a colony for the neighboring planet Caecilius.

star Wars

The third and final planet from Star Wars Legends referenced in Andor is mawan. More is known about Mawan than Balfron and Jonsieur, as seen in the 2003 novel titled Jedi Quest: Shadow Trap.

This book is set between imaginary danger And Attack of the Clones Presents a death Jedi Master Yadel on Mawan. However, in canon, Yaddle is confirmed to have been killed by Count Dooku on Coruscant in My grandfather’s tales.

Andor, Star Wars Planets

Other planets that appeared on Andor They are as follows:

  • Hosnian Prime, which was destroyed by the First Order in The Force Awakens.
  • Lanz Carpo, who appeared in multiple issues of the Star Wars comics in 2015.
  • Foerost who first appeared in the 2015 novel titled Battlefront: Twighlight Corporation It was the site of the Battle of Fuerost.
  • Tepasi was first mentioned in Holont News Vol. 531 #49, a series now considered part of Legends. However, the planet itself was confirmed to be part of the canon in 2015.
  • Zeltros, who was seen in 2016’s #13 Dr. Aphra Comedy series famous for its beautiful beaches, oceans and tropical places.
  • Ord Mantell, who Star Wars fans will recognize bad batch.
  • Cantonica, home of Kanto Bite, the city where it was seen last jedi.
  • Cato Nemoidia, which was first mentioned in Attack of the Clones Created by Obi-Wan Kenobi, it is the setting for the 2022 canon novel Brothers.
  • Obora-skai, which first appeared at Timothy Zahn’s heir to the empire Novel, it became canon in 2014 more accurate a novel.
  • Sluis Van, which also debuted in canon in more accurateplayed a role during the Clone Wars when she was linked to Count Dooku and the CIS.

Will these Star Wars planets appear in the future?

This isn’t the first time Star Wars has included material from Legends in the actual canon. in 2022 Obi-Wan KenobiAribish inscriptions on the wall Translated into my grandfather’s nameswith more than one character mentioned coming from Legends.

where Obi-Wan KenobiNothing happened with any of the characters that were mentioned in the show. To be fair, it hasn’t been much time since this series was released on Disney+, so there wasn’t a chance for Lucasfilm to incorporate any of the now-canon characters into any project.

Pablo Hidalgo, who was a character in Lucasfilm To confirm the use of the names of the planets in it Andor, leaving another tweet below his original post stating that the information is not important at all. However, the list is likely just a fun easter egg. However, fans might be surprised at some point in the future to see one of these planets appear in a movie or series.

All 12 episodes of the show Andor Available to stream on Disney+.

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