Survival game from World War I next week

Trenches, the World War I survival game, is coming to Xbox next week.

Indie game publisher Ratalaika Games has teamed up with developer Steelkrill Studio to announce a dark and disturbing survival game – Trenches, set in World War I.

The game is scheduled for release on January 20, 2023 for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Microsoft Xbox One, Xbox Series X / S and Nintendo Switch at a price of 9.99 euros, and with its atmospheric setting it reminds us of a time that gave you chills that will haunt your back!

Death walks with you

The word “trenches” conjures up many negative connotations, and the development team delved into that experience in as much detail as possible to create a barren, isolated war world where your only focus is survival.

Inspiration came from reading historical events, watching several documentaries, and being fascinated by World War I, with the development team seeing the stellar 1917 film as a deciding factor. There is no denying that World War I is often forgotten how brutal it was,” was one notable comment.

Game details

The Trenches begins with the soldier you play waking up after the explosion and seeing everything in ruins. He reaches into his pocket and finds his family’s photo. He knows he must try to survive if he ever wants to see her again. From there, your goal is to escape the stifling environment and experience war through the eyes of a soldier trapped behind enemy lines in this surreal nightmare as you fight for your life (and sanity) to survive to return to your family.


The only way to escape is to find clues and targets scattered around the trench map, which is laid out like a maze. These targets are randomly selected each time you play, so they’re all different. The player has to focus while being chased by a monster that lurks in the trenches. The player can use a “trench whistle” which, when used, emits a shout which they must follow to find the next clue. However, the catch is that the monster can also hear the trench whistle and charge towards you.

Enemies can also hear you when you walk on wood because it creaks, or when you break a bottle. Besides, there are other things that can help you in the game, such as: b- Wire cutters, a gun, a map etc. which can help you if you find them.

Is a new dawn?

The feeling of the game’s atmosphere is enhanced by the attention to detail in lighting and textures, as the developer explains: “We wanted to make players feel like they were really stuck in the trenches, feeling helpless and lost at all times. The bleak atmosphere helped, but the sounds and surroundings also play a big part. We focused a lot on creating the right environment, and since the game only takes place in the trenches, we were able to focus on those little extra details with the graphics.”

Trailer and photos too trench:

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