Survival Hit ARK Announced UE5 Upgrade Possible With Meme – Fans Hope: “Please Make This Possible”

ARK: Survival Evolved He announced a possible upgrade to “Unreal Engine 5” with a meme on Twitter. On MeinMMO you can find out what’s behind it.

Developers hint at UE5 upgrade: On January 11, 2023, the official ARK: Survival Evolved Twitter account shared a humorous image that predicted the dino adventure upgrade to Unreal Engine 5.

There is currently no other information, UE5 trailer or photos of the upgrade. Apart from the meme, there is no known information about the upgrade referred to.

We’ve included the corresponding tweet from ARK: Survival Evolved here:

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What engine is ARK currently working on? ARK: Survival Evolved is a popular survival game on PC and consoles that allows you to tame and fight against dinosaurs in a futuristic environment on different maps.

ARk debuted in Early Access in June 2015. The full version has been on the market since 2017. Studio Wildcard has not updated the engine since then. The title has been running on a copy of Unreal Engine 4 ever since.

Unreal Engine 5 (UE5) has been available since April 2022. The successor to the survival hit, ARK 2, will be released on the latest version of the popular engine. Here is the advert:

ARK 2: 4 Minute Survival sequel trailer here

“Let it be true”

Here’s how the community reacts: In the comments below the post, some ARK fans are excited at the prospect of trying out a survival title on UE5.

  • Honestly, I didn’t expect it. Looking forward to the upgrade (via Twitter). “
  • This is absolutely insane (trans Twitter). “
  • I didn’t expect it! Can hardly wait! (Trans Twitter). “
  • Please make it right (trans Twitter). “

Famous ARK Nekatus, who created the Fjördur and Valguero maps, reacted enthusiastically to this post. Already in November 2022 he showed What the ARK could look like in UE5. About the meme he says:

If that’s true… man, I’m ready for a lot of maps! Please make this possible! I hope you’re not just talking about SOTF here [Anm. d. Red.: ARK: Survival Of The Fittest] in UE5.

ARK-Modder Nekatus via Twitter

Although the post is a tweet from the official account, there is some uncertainty among ARK fans that it is just a meme and not a full advertisement.

Is this just a joke or are the developers serious? How will the change affect me? Launch ARC 2 the end? Upgrading to the main game or just the new Battle Royale mode ARK: Survival Of The Fittest?

Overall, there are some comments from ARK gamers who can’t imagine upgrading to UE5 yet, as it takes a lot of work and time. Ultimately, now is the time to wait and see what’s really behind this meme.

Patience is also required for ARK 2. There was no new information about the successor to the 7-month survival hit and the latest trailer was also a letdown for fans.

Are you disappointed with the new ARK-2 trailer? The really interesting info is on Steam!

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