Tessa and Cecilia fight – his girlfriend reveals the triggers

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Cecilia (left) and Tessa clashed several times at the jungle camp. However, on the eighth day, one thing breaks the camel’s back.Image: rtl+


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“It was the fiercest fighting in the camp.”Lucas Cordalis recaps what happened to Verena Kerth when she joined the group. Tessa and Cecilia bumped into each other a few times, but emotions were really running high on the eighth day.

In the afternoon, the two camps were sent out on a treasure hunt. Tessa hangs from a small crane on a stretcher and Cecilia blindly navigates her. General knowledge questions had to be answered and cubes had to be stacked with the correct solution numbers, which in turn led to tokens for the treasure chest.

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Tessa and Cecilia had to earn tokens for the treasure chest.Image: rtl+

But the two failed. Cecilia was visibly depressed, so Tessa tried to cheer her up. After all, nothing can be changed about it. Back at camp, Cecilia wanted to clear something up with Tessa. Because he didn’t like the fact that Tessa always called her “child” or “sweetheart”. This is amazing entertainment Eventually it escalated so much that Tessa left the scene screaming.

in charge Podcast to me Jungle camp With Julian FM Stoeckel and Inken Wriedt, Tessa’s friend and companion Lotta has now explained what turned Tessa on.

A jungle camp mate describes Tessa’s emotional building sites

Tessa announced some time ago that she was in her childhood duty I tested. Then she said it in the bush camp parents She won’t stand behind her until today, even reporting a letter she received from her mother before the show started, which should have cleared up.

“I was there when the message came,” said her companion Lotta on the Jungle Podcast. It has to be a machine if something like that doesn’t make you derail, the 35-year-old asserts. The news was worse than what Tessa had told him at the bush camp. Lotta confirms:

“It accompanies you throughout life if you do not have the support of your family.”

That’s why Tessa wants to do better now, to sacrifice herself for herself and her Kinder on me. But one thing that bothered Cecilia.

Tessa wants to do better than her parents

Because Tessa’s reassuring words to Cecilia after the treasure hunt, along with the terms “sweetheart” or “child” were not well received by the 26-year-old. Cecilia said to Tessa, “Sometimes you talk to me like I’m a child, and then you talk to me like that.

However, Tessa’s old friend Lotta knows: “Tessa shuts down when she says, ‘Why are you mocking me like that?'” If instead you say, “I feel like I’m being treated unfairly” or “I feel sexy right now,” then be it something else. Because Tessa doesn’t view these alleged messages as admonition.

All in all, Tessa wouldn’t mean it badly her way, but she would do better than what her parents did for her.Lotta confirms.

Bipolar disorder does not affect Tessa’s behaviour

Enkin wanted and wanted to know from Lotta how Tessa’s disease, bipolar disorder, manifested itself: “Not at all right now. Tessa’s disease is recessive,” she replies. This means that Tessa currently has no symptoms. Bipolar disorder is characterized by mania and depression. In the past, Tessa was mainly manic. But it’s hard to get to know her, because you’re so positive during this time and you’re doing so well. “Tessa wasn’t depressed,” Lotta assures. It is currently practically treated with therapy and medication, but it can flare up again and again.

Inken Wriedt sums it up like this: “So what we see now is only Tessa.” Exactly, Lotta adds, “but her form was her illness and the experiences she had to make with it.”

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