Tessa Bergmeier: What is known about partners, children, and mental illness?

Stars and stars are currently fighting for the litter crown in the Australian jungle. Model Tessa Bergmeier is also a part of the 16th season of I’m a Star – Get Me Out of Here.

The model is not a newcomer to the world of trash TV. Here you can find out where Tessa Bergmeier actually knows, if she has a partner and what else you should know about her.

Why is Tessa Bergmeier’s jungle buggy so popular?

Most of you should know Tessa from ProSieben casting “Germany’s Next Top Model”. In 2009, she finished 14th in Season 4. The 1.80m brunette from Uberlingen quickly made a name for herself as the drama queen and bitch throughout the show. Tessa remained in the minds of viewers and the jury mainly because of her lack of critical faculties.

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Scandalous expulsion: Heidi Klum takes Tessa’s stinky finger through it

After receiving somewhat mediocre feedback from Heidi Klum & Co., Tessa put her middle finger at the presenting photographer’s camera. A disrespect that the judges had never experienced before and that remains one of the most memorable moments in GNTM.

What did Tessa do before GNTM?

Even before she was involved in GNTM, Tessa loved the spotlight. She was discovered by a model at the age of 13, followed by a photo shoot for various magazines and appearances on German trash TV. For example, I posed for the camera in the RTL format “Mitten im Leben” or the RTL2 program “Frauentausch”.

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Career: What did Tessa do after ‘German’s Next Top Model’?

Even after leaving Germany’s Next Top Model, Tessa continued to grab headlines. For example, with her infamous attack on the fryer: as a participant in “Model-WG” (ProSieben), she attacked roommate Sarah Knabeck in a fit of rage with the fryer. Then Tessa was kicked out of the show. On Saturday 1 “Promiboxen” took advantage of the potential for aggression – winning the match against Naddel.

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Kids, Boyfriend, Bisexuality- It’s all about Tessa’s personal life

But what about Tessa Bergmeier in particular? The vegetarian girl gave birth to daughters in 2015 and 2019. Only the nationality of the girls’ parents is known – their eldest daughter comes from Peruvian, and the youngest – from a man from Lithuania.

Tessa Bergmeier: The engagement exploded with the guy

In 2012, Tessa came out as bisexual. Three years later, she announced her engagement to a man – unsuccessfully. Since then, the model has kept a low profile when it comes to her relationship status. Will you uncover more details in the jungle?

In Jungle Camp, Tessa Bergmeyer talks about mental illness

Already in the first episode of “I’m a Star – Get Me Out of Here!” Tessa Bergmeyer caused the first major trouble between the two candidates. The brunette TV beauty has charmed with her demeanor in the past. At jungle camp, she reveals to the VIPs after an argument that she used to suffer from bipolar disorder and is therefore 60% disabled.

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