The American Heart Association publishes a study confirming that mRNA vaccines may contribute to myocarditis

The Journal of the American Heart Association published a study confirming that mRNA-based vaccines can cause myocarditis in some adolescents and young adults.

A peer-reviewed study published in the journal called Rotation It examined the cases of 16 adolescents and young adults admitted to Massachusetts General Hospital or Boston Children’s Hospital with post-vaccination myocarditis from January 2021 to February 2022.

It concluded that these 16 young men had “significantly elevated levels of full-length spike protein” in their blood, “unbound by antibodies”.

Rarely, some individuals develop myocarditis after mRNA vaccination. “The immune response that leads to post-vaccine myocarditis has not been elucidated. Understanding the immune pattern associated with mRNA vaccine-induced myocarditis is an essential first step in preventing adverse complications from this novel vaccine technology.”

In other words, researchers still aren’t sure why some people develop this serious form of carditis while others don’t.

Overall, he seems to support his research Florida Department of Health that found that mRNA vaccines were associated with an 84% increase in heart-related adverse events among males ages 18 to 39.

It may also lead to answers about a disturbing trend of apparently healthy young people suffer, and in some cases die, from heart problems.

“This evidence is definitive and essentially uncontroversial. It is the definitive pathologic diagnosis of vaccine infection,” explained Dr. John Campbell, a retired teacher nurse from the UK.

Oversight of medical concerns

Doctors, doctors and other medical experts have been targeted on social media for questioning the safety of mRNA vaccines.

Robert Malone, mRNA vaccine pioneer turned critic, abruptly closed his LinkedIn account after mentioning the spike in the context of reports of heart inflammation among young adults, Only news mentioned.

Reuters and Leaning to the left PolitiFact both have “fact-checked” Malone for claiming that the spike protein is “cytotoxic” and can harm children. The spike proteins are harmless, do not cause disease, and do not last long in the body. PolitiFact claimed last year. “Malon is the self-proclaimed inventor of RNA vaccines, although this description has been disputed.”

TikTok also banned an informational video of Malone. He explained on the site: “A viral gene will be injected into your children’s cells. This gene forces your child’s body to make toxic spike proteins. These proteins often cause permanent damage to children’s vital organs.”

And as CBN News According to the report, the US government pressured Twitter to withhold information from medical experts about COVID-19.

Andrew Bostom, a Rhode Island physician and former Brown University epidemiologist, has been suspended on Twitter after taking several blows over alleged misinformation. One of the breaches was of a tweet referring to the results of a peer-reviewed study on mRNA vaccines. He says he was considered a violation only because he “cited data that was legitimate but inappropriate to the public health establishment’s narrative about the risks of influenza versus Covid in children.”

Bostum recently highlighted this section of an American Heart Association study:

The scientific debate continues

the new Rotation The study did not find free-floating spike protein in 45 “healthy, asymptomatic, age-matched, vaccinated individuals.” So the study authors say that evidence of myocarditis in certain cases should not be taken as a sign that the COVID-19 vaccine is harmful. “These findings do not alter the risk-benefit ratio in favor of vaccination against COVID-19 to prevent severe clinical outcomes,” the statement read.

Mass General Brigham, Harvard Medical School Teaching Hospital, also downplayed the significance of the findings in A press releasesaying, “The risk of severe COVID-19 still outweighs the rare risk of post-vaccination myocarditis.”

But UCSD epidemiologist Vinay Prasad completed a peer-reviewed study that alleged that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the Food and Drug Administration do not properly evaluate all the evidence.

“The highest incidence of myocarditis ranged from 8.1 to 39 cases per 100,000 subjects (or doses) in studies using four strata,” says Prasad’s article.

“The second dose is worse than the first dose. Moderna is worse than Pfizer,” Prasad wrote in an article accompanying the Allergic Medicine Newsletter on Tuesday. “But these distinctions are lost in analyzes that combine products or combine young men and women.”

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