The ‘Bares for Rares’ dealer reveals her most emotional purchase

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In “Bares for Rares” real treasures regularly find their way across the dealer’s table. Some things have a high sentimental value to experts. The Elke Velten-Tönnies one-piece is particularly taken.

Pulheim – an old family heirloom or a dusty canvas that has been lying in the attic for years – are often the inconspicuous and forgotten objects that later turn into great treasures. In order to earn money from these treasures, he unlocks “Paris for Races” It has opened its doors since 2013 and has already made many fortune seekers. Of course, not every piece for sale at the famous ZDF fair is also a find of the century, but there have been a few real gold pieces in recent years.

Target: The “Bares for Rares” merchant makes an exciting character purchase

The “Bares for Rares” process is simple: Anyone who has made a supposedly interesting find presents it first to antiques connoisseurs, who give a rough estimate of the price, and then presents it to the powerful dealers in the dealership. If you are lucky, you will get an amazing offer from professionals who are ready to negotiate and leave the studio with a full wallet. By this principle, some special gems had already wandered onto the counter and conjured dollar bills in the eyes of all involved.

Since 2016, jeweler Elke Velten-Tönnies (70) has been one of the experts around David Suppes (34) and Wolfgang Pauritsch (50). The trained chemical lab technician mainly specializes in the rare jewelry trade and has managed to include many items in her valuable collection since her debut on the hit junk show. while in “Bares for Rares” also loves to make bad purchases There is one piece that still inspires her today, as she reveals on Instagram: a bronze figure by French sculptor Emmanuel Villanes.

Bares for Rares’ Biggest Treasures

Since the first episode of “Bares für Rares” premiered on ZDF on August 3, 2013, haggle-loving traders have been getting their hands on some real treasures – at amazing prices. In 2019, Cosima Burke and her daughter, Stephanie Huber, received €42,000 for a piece of jewelry containing fragments of wood from the cross of Jesus Christ. In 2021, Marlisse Fischer received €30,500 for a lithograph by the expressionist painter Otto Müller, of which only 20 exist worldwide. In the same year, Sabine Rimmer was pleased to receive 29,000 euros for a gold-plated drinking vessel from the court of the Russian Empress Catherine the Great. So you can say: Flea market visits and attic searches pay off.


‘Don’t Let Anyone Else Talk’: ‘Bares for Rares’ star Elke recalls her best buy

“I owned such an item, unfortunately I sold it and that really bothered me all these years because I thought it was very beautiful,” the Cologne native recalls in a video titled “Bares for Rares” on Instagram. Only in the ZDF program did such a Filanis figurine fall into her hands again: “A man walked in here who made such a figure and cried out with joy and I didn’t let anyone else say, ‘Look Elk Velten-Tönnies return to their favorite purchases with a smile.

If a found thing sells for good money and then elicits a jubilant reaction from the dealers at the same time – it doesn’t get any better with Bares for Rares. while ‘Bares for Rares’ star David Suppes reveals how he got his job back then. Sources used: Instagram/baresfuerrares,

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