The best smartphones up to 800 euros

If you are looking for a rugged and modern mobile phone, you will find it in the higher price range. We present to you 4 smartphones worth up to €800 that are worth digging deep into your wallet for.

If you are not afraid to spend a little more money on a smartphone, you will get technology that is worth the money. in Smartphones 800 euros Top manufacturers like Google, Samsung, and Apple offer models that contain future-proof technology. We show you which smartphones you can reach for up to 800 euros. First of all: all models have one Certified protection against water and dust (IP certificate) Which Wireless. Again, expandable internal storage is not available on any mobile phone.

The best smartphones up to 800 euros at a glance

  • giga top You don’t necessarily have to hit the iPhone 14. Already that iPhone 13 (750 euros on eBay) has a lot to offer.
  • Price tip that Google Pixel 7 (590 euros on Amazon) has future-proof technology for less than 700 euros.
  • In the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 (770 euros at Notebooksbilliger.deNot only is it fun to fold, but the inside action is totally compelling.
  • Eye-catching camera Honor Magic 4 Pro (800 euros on eBay) really invites you to take photos and movies.

iPhone 13: If you don’t want an iPhone 14

giga top Let’s start with Apple: if you are looking for a decent smartphone under 800 euros, you don’t have to avoid the famous brand, even if it exists iPhone 14 Too expensive. Because still iPhone 13 (View on eBay) Recommended – The transition to iPhone 14 is not very big.

iPhone 13 smartphone in front of a red background.
Despite the successor, the iPhone 13 is still worth a look (Image source: giga)

On the 6,1-Zoll-Display iPhone 13 is as reliable as always: content is displayed in true colors, only the refresh rate can deliver more than the meager 60Hz. The A15 processor provides enough power so that you can stream and gamble with the smartphone without any problems – similar to the iPhone 12. Photos and videos are also possible with the iPhone 13 – in both good and fairly poor lighting. The camera specifications have hardly changed compared to its predecessor, and it is also similar to the iPhone 14.

If you choose the iPhone 13, you’re also choosing a rugged smartphone: with IP68 certification It has high protection against water and dust, and the manufacturer offers it according to experience OS updates from 5 years ago Or more. The iPhone 13’s battery lasts more than 12 hours of continuous use, but it takes nearly two hours to charge it — similar to… you can imagine. If you’re currently using an iPhone 12, you should stick with it. But if you have an older iPhone, upgrading to iPhone 13 is worth it.


  • Very high performance
  • Good software support (updates)
  • Disguised camera but…


  • Similar to iPhone 12
  • Only 60Hz refresh rate
an offer 6.1 inches, 60 Hz
OS and SoC iOS 15 with the A15 Bionic chip
storage From 128 to 512 GB ROM, 4 GB RAM

Google Pixel 7: Lots of Android for an affordable price

Price tip that Google Pixel 7 (View on Amazon) is the current model of the Pixel series. As with the Pixel 6, the distinctive camera department on the back of the new branch cannot be overlooked. Although the smartphone with 6.3 inches diagonal display Similar in size to its predecessor, you can tell right away that you’ve opted for the Pixel 7. The design looks a little sleeker, rounded out by the metallic look of the camera section on the smooth back.

The back of the black Google Pixel 7 smartphone.
Thanks to the distinctive camera strip on the back, the Google Pixel 7 is instantly recognizable (Image source: giga)

Not much has changed in terms of internal values: content will continue to be included in Full HD + up to 90 Hz Play again. The RAM is 8 GB, the internal is 128 to 256 GB, and it cannot be expanded. Compared to the predecessor, not much battery can be taken out either: with a capacity 4.355 mAh You can get up to 2 days on a single charge and have to be patient for about 2 hours when charging.

The Pixel 7 proves its strength above all with the camera: although the Pixel 6 has already achieved very good reviews, the successor has Final touches needed, which makes photography and filming more fun. maybe Confused faces sharpen Zoom has also been improved. As with the previous series, there is only a telephoto lens on Google Pixel 7 Pro (View on Amazon).

In our hands-on video, we introduce you to the Google Pixel 7:

As with the iPhone 13 above, the same applies here: If you currently own a Google Pixel 6, switching to the Pixel 7 isn’t necessarily worth it. If you have an older Pixel phone or are new to the Pixel, the Pixel 7 is a good choice. You benefit not only from future-proof technology, but also from a rugged design: protection against water and dust is certified according to IP68 and Android updates are guaranteed up to Android 16. And all this at an affordable price.


  • Stylish design
  • The best camera
  • 5-year update warranty


  • Charging the battery requires patience
  • The refresh rate is still 90 Hz
an offer 6.3 inches with 90 Hz
OS and SoC Android 13 with Tensor G2
storage From 128 to 256 GB ROM, 8 GB RAM

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4: more than just a gimmick

Next we come to a Samsung smartphone that will definitely make you stand out: this Galaxy Z Flip 4 (at I got it after last year’s release Galaxy Z Flip 4 for testing Received and fell in love: The clamshell phone makes a high-quality impression with its colorful design – even if you can’t quite ignore the crease in the middle of the screen. It easily fits in your pocket – a rarity in today’s smartphones. The powerful system on a chip (SoC) also ensures Snapdragon 8+ Gen1 For smooth performance it is backed by 8GB of RAM. The internal memory is not expandable, but it is provided with 128 to 512 GB Lots of space.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 smartphone lies unfolded on a wooden table between two vases.
Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 fits easily into any trouser pocket (Image source: giga)

The camera hasn’t changed much compared to the Galaxy Z Flip 3: 12MP wide-angle, 12MP ultra-wide, and the front camera is 10MP. respectively. straight In good light, the pictures succeedthe flicker is less distorted in low light.

The battery is slightly smaller. No wonder, after all, the manufacturer only has half the space. capacity 3,700 mAh You can still get more than two days. When charging, you should be ready for over an hour and a half. Galaxy Z Flip 4 is also certified IPX8 waterproof rating Rugged design.


  • Stylish and useful foldable design
  • stark performance
  • 5-year update warranty


  • Long time to charge the battery
  • Camera has weak points
an offer 6.7 inches with 120 Hz
OS and SoC Android 12 with Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1
storage From 128 to 512 GB ROM, 8 GB RAM

Honor Magic 4 Pro: perfect for capturing beautiful moments

Our final recommendation is this Honor Magic 4 Pro (View on eBay). Perhaps the biggest eye catcher on the device is it The huge circle of cameras is on the back. And not without reason: while testing the Honor Magic 4 Pro, it was interesting to experiment with the camera and test different settings. The camera proves itself with authentic colors in different lighting conditions. However, you should Front camera with loss of detail Calculate.

With the Honor Magic4 Pro, Honor is entering the upper echelon (Image credit: GIGA).
With the Honor Magic4 Pro, Honor enters the upper echelon (Image source: giga)

Honor Magic 4 Pro can easily last for two days on a single battery charge. Compared to other €800 smartphones in our selection, Honor blows away with a real phone Quick charge in less than 45 minutes. Durability also includes IP68 certification. Honor promises 2 major Android updates and 4 years of security updates, so it’s at the bottom of our pick.

You can also enjoy gaming with the Honor Magic 4 Pro – the OLED display and Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 system enable this without any murmur. A defect, but for this purpose In the Honor Magic 4 Pro test Repeatedly Honor Magic 4 Pro fast heating. If the smartphone is charging, or if you are playing with the Honor Magic 4 Pro, it heats up noticeably quickly.


  • Responsive OLED screen
  • Powerful battery with fast charging technology
  • good camera…


  • With a double front camera
  • Heats up quickly
an offer 6.8 inches with 120 Hz
OS and SoC Android 12 with Snapdragon 8 Gen 1
storage 256 GB ROM, 8 GB RAM

The best smartphones up to 800 euros: this is how we chose them

Many mobile phone models compete with each other for smartphones up to 800 euros. Certain characteristics have been a criterion of exclusion for us, such as advanced age. Our tests were based in part on our own tests, but also on the results of other test sites. User reviews also influenced the choice. The latter was useful because they did not judge on the basis of normative numbers and other laboratory values ​​which did not say much, but instead emphasized individual impressions.

Through our research we want to recommend you the right products and avoid a bad buy. Your trust is important to us – that’s why you can count on us.

In a separate article, you can read how we handle product recommendations and tests:

I myself have been dealing with cell phones and smartphones for years. I have been fascinated by all generations, from Nokia classics to the first clamshell and slider mobile phones to smartphones. Personally, not only technical innovations are important to me, but also sustainability.

Finally, a note about pricing: Strong price fluctuations for smartphones are always expected. Once a new generation comes out, previous series can suffer a rapid price drop, which means once-expensive models suddenly fit into your personal budget. Dealing events like Black Friday or Cyber ​​Monday have a strong impact on prices. We keep you in our area Transaction summary To be up to date on current offers, it pays to take a regular look at the daily specials!

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