The boss punishes the employee because his work is excellent only 99% of the time, and he regrets that after he reached 100% with terrible productivity

In life, you can’t always have everything. If you want to get a good night’s sleep every evening, there will be times when you have to sacrifice your social life. If you want to stand out in your career, you will likely have to choose between a thriving social life or getting enough rest.

To get a good job, it is usually important to consider quality And The amount of your work, but you can’t focus on them equally. Quality may seem like the most important factor, but when you get paid to complete a task in a timely manner, you don’t have the luxury of taking all the time in the world. One welder on Reddit understands finding the balance between these two important areas, but his boss, on the other hand, seems to want it all: efficiency and ultimate precision.

Below, you’ll find the story of a recent welder Mutual Online detailing how he maliciously complied with his boss’s demand to work with 100% accuracy, plus an interview with the welder himself and some amusing readers’ responses left to his post. Enjoy reading this story, panda, and then if you’re interested read another Panda boredom Article exposing harmful compliance in the workplace, look no further here!

After being called out for not working with 100% accuracy, this welder decided to maliciously comply with his boss’ demands

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It’s no secret that when asked whether quality or quantity is more valuable, most people will see quality as more important. Would you rather get 5 slices of cake from the grocery store or a delicious, fluffy, fresh slice from a local bakery for the same price? Do you prefer 10 poorly made paintings or one masterpiece? Would you rather have a sturdy, well-designed sofa that will last a decade or have to go through four cheap ones that inevitably fall apart over the same amount of time?

Even employees report that the quality of their job matters more to their mental health than the number of hours they work, accordingly study from the National University of Singapore, University of Salford, University of Cambridge and University of Leeds. “Our results indicate that there is no ‘optimal’ number of working hours at which the mental health of employees is at its highest,” said Dr. Sinho Wang, associate professor at the National University of Singapore and lead author of the report. “Instead, doing meaningful and rewarding work, having a positive relationship with colleagues, and having low work intensity is particularly important for employees’ mental health.”

However, in this particular case on Reddit, the welder was still working with incredible precision, while being able to 5 times the amount of work as his colleague. We all know that the chances of error will increase the more work an employee does, but making mistakes 1% of the time doesn’t seem like something to worry about. Especially considering the OP indicated he would always correct any mistakes by the end of his shift, so he never wasted time or materials.

To find out more about this specific situation, we reached out to the welder himself, Reddit user Ok_Present_6508, who was kind enough to have a chat with Bored Panda. He shared that this story actually happened nearly a decade ago, but he recently signed up for r/MaliciousCompliance and enjoyed reading stories, so he decided to join the conversation.

We were curious if Ok_Present_6508 ended up returning to its usual amount of work after this whole debacle. “I’ve increased my productivity again. It still amazes me how many people on Reddit still don’t understand that a 1% failure, any fix and it’s passed by the end of the day, is still a 100% success rate,” he said.

“The coworker in question was very lazy and spent a lot of time off the job. My pass/fail rate was still above average for the shop and on par with guys working swing shifts,” he went on to explain.

Laham later answered some questions from curious readers who enjoyed his story

We also asked if the foreman learned anything from this experience. “He’s learned his lesson. He, of course, won’t admit it, but I’m starting to get some extra time on the job,” Ok_Present_6508 tells Bored Panda.

But unfortunately, this was not the reward he had thought in the past. “The foreman was kind of full of himself,” he explained. “His work area has ‘inspirational’ quotes posted around his area that he quotes himself, if that makes sense. For example, he might say something like, “Opportunities don’t happen, you make them.” —Dr. [his last name] like this. I wish I could remember some of them, but they were worthwhile.”

We also asked Ok_Present_6508 why it is important for bosses to listen to their employees’ concerns and understand where they are coming from in such situations. “I think it’s important that every employee gets the opportunity to work overtime,” he told Bored Panda. “It sucks, but money is great. Trying to make it sound like an exclusive club is sending the wrong message about it. No one should want to work overtime, and employers shouldn’t make it sound like they want you to work either.”

“Clearly, trust is a two-way street,” he added. “If your boss doesn’t trust you, your subordinates won’t reciprocate that trust. It causes undue stress.”

Ok_Present_6508 shared “This is something I have learned over the past 19 years in my career: treating your employees as if they are people, and showing them respect and kindness goes a long way.” “We’ve all been here at work together for most of our lives. I don’t come home and be [jerk] To my family, why would I [jerk] For the people I spend a lot of time with! “

We’d love to hear your thoughts on this situation in the comments, panda. Have you ever dealt with an employer who didn’t listen to your concerns? Feel free to share any of your personal stories below, and then if you’re interested, check out another Panda boredom An article presenting harmful compliance in the workplace, we recommend reading it This story next one!

However, not everyone was on this employee’s side, with some readers being more critical of their responses and inquiries

Some people have even gotten into similar stories from their workplace

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