The Brelyon curved light field screen becomes more immersive

The Brelyon curved light field screen becomes more immersive

Photo: Brillion

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Brelyon technology provides a 3D view similar to VR glasses, but in the form of a desktop screen.

We have the Brelyon 3D light field monitors Under the microscope last year after the launch of the Ultra Reality concept show. According to the manufacturer, Ultra Reality is now being used by companies and organizations around the world.

At CES 2023, Brelyon showed off its latest developments with its new Brelyon Fusion product line. According to the manufacturer, Fusion offers a more immersive experience with a larger 155-degree field of view on a “wrap-around display”.

With such a large field of view, a high-resolution monitor is required for a sharp image: Brelyon installs one 8K LG pOLED-Enginewhich aims to provide a bright and vibrant image with high contrast. According to Brelyon, it’s an OLED display with the world’s largest field of view.

Like virtual reality glasses for the office

The field of light appears to be calibrated by distance, so that the eyes do not strain when looking at the screen at a distance of one meter. The viewing experience is said to be comparable to a 110-inch virtual screen with 3D effect.


Spatial sound is integrated for a realistic 3D sound field. Since a screen can’t block out ambient noise like a headphone or earbuds can, Brelyon has added active ambient noise cancellation.

Brelyon’s new Fusion Monitor looks like giant, stationary virtual reality glasses. | Photo: Brillion

According to the manufacturer, Fusion light field technology makes it possible to view immersive 3D panoramic views without VR glasses. The display is said to be well-suited for flight simulators, product design, and any work that requires immersive vision in a seated position. Virtual reality glasses provide the advantage of being able to move with your body in a 3D scene and are therefore better suited for physical immersion.

Brillion at CES 2023

Brelyon released a video at CES that gives a first look at the new Fusion display and shows off some of its features. Brelyon’s light field displays are still too expensive for consumers, but they could be a precursor to future displays that combine elements of virtual reality games, such as looking around and greater immersion, with traditional games.

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