The day before: Developers dismiss allegations of fraud

Co-founders of the developer studio, which at the same time devoted itself to Steam Wishlist yesterday Dedicated, and make sure the highly anticipated title is not a scam.

The post-apocalyptic survival MMO has recently been nicely pushed back from its originally planned launch date in March, to November this year. It is said that the reason for this was a lack of trademark rightswhich caused gamers on related forums and social media to doubt the actual existence of The Day Before.

The day before: Definitely not a scam, as the developers say

during an interview with IGN Brothers Edward and Eisen Gotovtsev confirmed that the previous day’s delay is a necessary evil that was already planned before deleting its Steam Store page.

“We had previously planned to delay the release of the game and announce it with Mytona within 10 minutes of gameplay, and you all know what happened after that,” the developers explained to the portal. “So, to be on the safe side and to ensure there are no further transfers, we have chosen November 10th with the publisher. Due to the trademark dispute, this is a safe date.”

The brothers also added that they realize some players don’t see the big picture and therefore have their doubts about the day before. However, from the very beginning, the developers’ complete focus will be on the product itself, which they have been working on for more than four years.

“All these years we’ve put sweat and blood into developing this game and many of our team members are uncomfortable to hear such claims. We haven’t taken a dime from people: no crowdfunding, no pre-orders, no donations. The game is funded entirely by Mytona, one of the largest Mobile Publishers of the World, which has reviewed game development at every major stage in accordance with our contract.”

“I feel like this simple guy from ’90s action movies”

The rights to the trademark for The Day Before have been held in the US by an individual by the name of Sun Jae Lee since last November, but developer Fntastic thinks it can get a grip on the situation before the new expected release date. Earlier this month, the studio announced that it would be showing unedited footage from The Day Before. However, we never got to see this, and after a short time the title disappeared from Steam.

Even The Day Before’s main community manager, Wholf, recently expressed his confusion. While he initially advised calm and confirmed that Valve would bring the store page back up, he later wondered if it was even real on the game’s Discord server. He also never saw the announced raw gameplay material, but the post has since been deleted.

In the statement provided to IGN, in the end, Fntastic equates to the action hero from the ’90s in a somewhat muddled comparison. As one explains: “We take a great ride from the apocalypse feeling like this simple guy from the ’90s action movies. You probably remember him as the hero who broke the veil of disbelief when no one believed in him, but finds the inner strength to win and show everyone what he deserves in the end.”

was before The day before due to a technical change in Unreal Engine 5 Delayed. If you are still interested in the title, you will not only learn about the game’s system requirements from us, but also He’ll watch a rich 4K trailer from The Day Before, too.

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