The feud escalates in the woods with Verena Kerth – Mark Terenzi voicing himself

Verena Kerth

Verena Kerth messes with her jungle camp instagram/verena kerth

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“I’m a celebrity, get me out of here!” Already collapsing the facade of many campers. After sleep deprivation, constant heat and only meager meals, controversy escalates over the latter of all things: Essen.

And that’s between Jana “Urkraft” Pallaske, who seems very balanced, and Verena Kerth. Verena’s partner Marc Terenzi has now spoken out and is clearly biased in the official podcast of The Forest with Julian FM Stoeckl, Enken Weirde.

Zof forest between Jana Palaski and Verena Kerth

I am Jungle camp Not heard, as is known, th friendship On the topic of money, but on the topic of food. Because this is rare in the jungle. up front they can Promise Record if they’re vegan or even vegan, as Jana Pallaske and Tessa Bergmeier did. For example, instead of meat gained in jungle tests, they get a similar serving of edamame.

On the third day of the jungle, not all of the participants liked the crocodile feet that Cosimo and Tessa got in the test – like Verena Kerth, for example. Meanwhile, Jana and Tessa picked up their portion of the edamame course and sat on a camp bed to eat it. Forbidden to the obviously hungry Verena Kerth.

Then Jana exploded, “Finally you’re talking about it and not just saying it behind my back.” During the conversation, she almost yells at Verena for letting her finish speaking, calling her “Mrs.”.

Marc Terenzi siding with his girlfriend Verena Kerth

Verena’s partner, Marc Terenzi, can fully understand such a disagreement. You’ll get a little food, “you see after three or four days in the woods: you’re on your own, you can’t play anymore,” the interface will collapse.

According to King of the Jungle 2017, food was not the main cause of the conflict. It was about the rules. “The rules are the rules,” insert his famous line. Jana does nothing with the group, she is only there at mealtimes and then she doesn’t share. Verena, on the other hand, is a team player and immediately offered to help when Tessa walked out of the exam, completely covered in dirt. It is to explain:

“Verena’s kind of like that person, if she has a problem, she goes and talks about it. That’s fine. Till later.”

The podcaster Julian agreed and added: “Verena said what we’ve all been thinking for three days and said, Speak normally, shit.”

Jungle Camp: Marc Terenzi goes about everyday life with Verena Kerth

Then Enkin got private: what Verena looks like when they argue in private, she wanted to know from Mark Terenzi. “She’s a great woman, a strong woman and I love her for that,” the singer begins. However, he himself differs in conflict situations. When she yells at him, he stays calm, listen to her. This would annoy her sometimes.

Inken sums it up:

“So you calmly push her into an argument. And that’s exactly what Jana calmly stirs up.”

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A point also discussed often in the camp: Verena’s and Claudia Effenberg’s signature laugh. Mark has one sentence left: “I think it’s great. It makes you.” the people off” Thin We’ve been friends for years and they’re always loud when they’re out together.

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