The goalkeeper expert reckons hard with Tapalović

January 24, 2023, Bavaria, Eng

Former Bayern goalkeeper Tom Stark (left) is interim goalkeeper coach Jan Sommer (left), Sven Ulrich and Manuel Neuer. Photo: dpa/Sven Hoppe


Lukasz Grybowski

Jan Sommer probably never thought his early days in Munich would be so tumultuous. After 1: 1 to 1. FC Cologne On Tuesday evening, Munich’s home grace was significantly crooked. repeatedly.

On the other hand, there is the excursion from the previously unlucky Serge Gnabry, who traveled to Paris Fashion Week on Sunday, and was slammed for it by sporting director Salihamidžić after the match.

Then there are the personal details of goalkeeper coach Tony Tabalovic. As they announced their parting ways with the 42-year-old, the Munich side caused an unexpected jolt to the staff that will also affect the club’s future.

“It’s an internal evaluation of the club,” said goalkeeper Jan Sommer. In 2023 alone, he already had three goalkeeper coaches and a fourth will now be added. “There was no cooperation in the coaching team,” coach Nagelsmann said Tuesday evening with Tabalovic. However, he is said to have a good reputation among gamers.

Tabalovic worked in Munich for 11 and a half years and played his part in Manuel Neuer becoming the best goalkeeper in the world. And what’s next? Manuel Neuer described Tabalović as a “pioneer”, but that didn’t pan out in the league.

It is noted that FC Bayern It does not produce any players in the goalkeeper position who would at least assert themselves in other clubs in the first or second tier, ”summarizes goalkeeping expert Sascha Felter in an interview with Watson.

Compared to other goalkeeper coaches in the Bundesliga Innovations do not come from him much. For years he only worked with Manuel Neuer – which isn’t bad either. But he hasn’t had a lasting impact on goalkeepers over a number of years.”

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Bayern Munich: Tabalovic and Neuer benefited from each other

Neuer and Tabalovic have a close bond friendship. On extending his contract in Munich, Neuer is said to have always made it a condition that his friend stay too. So, Vetter explains:

“For him, the companionship side played a key role. I think he benefited greatly from having a very intelligent goalkeeper in Neuer, who lent his own hand. Both benefited from each other.”

But now Tabalovic is gone – and Neuer’s contract expires in the summer of 2024, too? The departure at least allows the explanation that the Munich team, contrary to all assurances, does not believe 100 percent that Neuer will find his world-class level again.

I am Herbst During his career, the 36-year-old is going through some changes again. in National team Andreas Cronenberg replaced Andreas Köpke after 17 years. Now he gets a new coach for his position in the club.

The new entries certainly wouldn’t hurt him. As a goalkeeper coach at this level, it’s all about the finer points. Experienced goalkeepers know exactly what they need and so plan the training week according to their needs,” says goalkeeper expert Velletter.

Bayern Munich: The new goalkeeper coach offers a great opportunity

The departure of the goalkeeper coach for a long time could also be an opportunity for Bayern Munich.

death The job And Tabalovic’s exercises at Bayern Munich have focused on Manuel Neuer over the years. There was nothing like allowing a young goalkeeper to develop in the shadows as a number 2 or number 3 at the same time. This should also have been the reason behind the Bayern bosses’ decision to sack.

Added to this was the lack of communication with Alexander Nobel, who was loaned to Monaco. It was actually supposed to be built as a new successor in the long run, but it had no real successor a relationship zu Tapalović.

For goalkeeper experts Veleiter, it is clear that Tabalović will not be replaced by an inexperienced goalkeeper coach. Much more than that, Michael’s Hoffenheim computer is the perfect solution. The 42-year-old and Nagelsmann know each other from their time together at TSG Hoffenheim and were already enamored with each other back then.

08/12/2016, xjhx, football test match, TSG 1899 Hoffenheim - Athletic Bilbao, emspor emonline, from left TW coach Michael Rechner (1899 Hoffenheim), coach Julian Nagelsmann (1899 Hoffenheim) Sinsheim ...

Bayern coach Julian Nagelsmann (right) worked with Michael Reichner at Hoffenheim.Image: imago sport photo service / imago images

The calculator will bring a huge advantage: “He is familiar with theoretical work with goalkeepers. At Hoffenheim he has built a very good goalkeeping school over the years. ”

With Oliver Baumann (Hoffenheim), Marvin Schwepp (Cologne), Koen Kasteels (Wolfsburg) and Gregor Koppel (Dortmund), he trained and formed four current Bundesliga goalkeepers. In addition, Gladbach’s goalkeeper coach Fabian Otti was previously part of the PC team.

With Johannes Schenk (20) and Tom Ritzy Hulsmann (18), the Munich team already had two promising goalkeeping talents at the training camp in Qatar.

Bayern Munich: Nobel is not at the level of Bayern Munich

Until the end of the second half of the season, Jan Sommer was the number one goalkeeper of Bayern Munich. With the 34-year-old, you could have “buyed Munich one to two years” because Vetter doesn’t believe in Alexander Nobel’s future with the record champions. The 26-year-old does not have the top level Munich need:

“He has an athletic deficit and still some weaknesses in area defense. He’s very conservative, especially with flat balls that fly through the six-yard box. Plus, he always has slapstick moves with him. He hasn’t had anything this season that made obvious mistakes, but Over and over again the actions in which he had a share that resulted in conceding goals. In general, these are too many mistakes if you want to be in the goal at Bayern Munich.

So it’s clear to the goalkeeper expert that the Munich side should make an effort to get Gregor Koppel out of Borussia Dortmund. As Kicker reported a week ago, the Swiss should be a future candidate for Neuer’s successor.

CEO Oliver Kahn is currently baffled by these rumours. He thinks it is more legitimate that Nobel “wants to return to Munich, provided there is time to play”.

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