The internet can’t stop arguing about who is the greatest SNL cast member ever, and I’m here for the feedback

Saturday Night Live It is one of the longest running TV shows. As the sketch comedy series is currently in its scope The 48th Season Welcome to the Chief Hosts and Musical Guestsyou can’t help but look at the sets of previous generations and wonder who is the best cast member SNL since when. Well, the internet is heavy on goats, and I’m here for all the entertaining comments.

And you see that Saturday Night Live It’s had 163 comedians over its 48 years, how do you pick who’s the greatest cast member of all time? Since there is no magic mirror to tell us the answer, I think social media should. SiriusXM’s Eric Alper handled it Twitter To ask the greatest fan SNL Was ever the cast member, the comments were pouring in. Some made a list like one Twitter userwho made the best seven:

Eddie Murphy Dan Aykroyd Kristen Wiig Kate McKinnon Dana Carvey Will Ferrell Gilda Radner

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