The mental health-focused sustainable clothing label that shows the world that “it’s okay not to be well”

Founded by the model Iman Nafisa, Burley May It is about dismantling stigmas and breaking down barriers to empower anyone who is struggling to seek help

Nashville, Tenn.And January 13, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — More than 45% of American adults will experience a mental illness or symptoms of it at some point in their lives. Since the start of the pandemic, these numbers have risen at an alarming rate, plunging society into a state of mental health crisis—yet it remains a taboo topic that’s been crossed over until tragedy strikes. Certain demographics, age groups, and even those in certain professions are more likely to suffer and suffer in silence as society continues to turn a blind eye to the issues at hand, leaving millions to deal with it on their own. Yet a model and mental health advocate has taken it upon herself to create the platform and community needed to cultivate lasting change.

an introduction Burley Maya sustainable apparel brand focused on mental wellness Iman Nafisa. The launch is official Jan 13thAnd Burley May is to develop the personal experience, purpose, and passion to dismantle stigmas, break down barriers, and become a beacon of hope for the millions struggling with their mental health.

As a model, Iman has witnessed a plethora of toxicity and mental health issues occurring within the industry firsthand and has sought to use her platform to highlight the seriousness of the problem and create a community of support. Iman was no stranger to anxiety, as she suffered from anxiety throughout her life, especially after losing her father at the age of 14, and the painful loss of her mother last year.

Burley May It was created to bridge the gap between awareness and helping others while providing a creative outlet for Iman. Sustainable, gender-neutral, made from organic and recycled materials, Burley May Committed to leveraging bold, elegant and innovative styles to make a bold and courageous statement – “It’s okay to not be well.”

“No matter how dark it is, I have always found my light. However, I know firsthand how hard it is when you are sitting in that darkness. My goal is with Burley May It is to show the world, especially young people, that it is okay to ask for help, it is okay to be vulnerable, and it is nice to come together to help each other.” Iman NafisaFounder Burley May

Through proof of concept, dedication to the community, and unwavering commitment to showing the world that no one has to go through it alone, Iman Nafisa The goal-oriented vision has come to fruition with Launch Burley May.

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About Burley May

Burley May he NashvilleA mental health-focused apparel brand designed to empower a new era of purpose-driven change-makers while enriching their wardrobes and maintaining a thoughtful impact on the environment by reducing carbon emissions. Founded in 2022 by model Iman Nafisa, Burley May Honoring the family name, it embodies the duality of the sweet and the strong – bold yet vulnerable. Founded by a female, gender-neutral, and sustainable, Burley May The innovative streetwear brand uses organic and recycled materials to ensure premium quality while promoting eco-friendly practices. As a brand focused on helping to facilitate lasting change, Burley May Pledge that 10% of all sales will go to the National Alliance on Mental Illness.

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