The new Summa Behavioral Health Facility replaces the aging St. Thomas in Akron

Summa Health’s new behavioral health facility will soon welcome its first patients.

The Juventus Family Behavioral Health Wing, a seven-story building on the Akron City Hospital campus at 45 Arc Street, will standardize care and replace inpatient and outpatient mental and behavioral health services at St. Thomas Hospital, near downtown Akron. .

The first patients from St. Thomas will be transferred to the new facility on January 24 with the move completed by January 25. Construction took 20 months to complete.

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said Dr. Joseph Farley, chief of health at Summa Psychiatry.

Dr Joseph Farley, Chief of Mental Health, stands in front of stained glass windows from the former Sister Ignatia chapel at St Thomas' Hospital that has been moved into the new Juventus Family Behavioral Health ward.

“It was a bold move by this organization to put this building here,” he said. “It really gives the message that behavioral health and mental health matter and it’s part of this system’s commitment to helping people.”

Summa is hosting a free community open house from 11am-3pm on Saturday, January 14th. The event will include tours of the facility. Free parking can be found on one of the hospital’s nearby parking floors.

The 159,000-square-foot facility is a total investment of $84 million by the Akron-based health system. This includes about $64 million in new construction costs. It stands on the site of the former School of Nursing, which has not been used for several years.

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