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Of course, Avatar 2: The Way Of Water will once again be at the top of German cinema charts this weekend – and it will also climb to the next level on the all-time list.

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More than half a million people will buy tickets for “Avatar 2: The Way Of Water” this weekend in Germany – and this is already the fifth week that the film has been shown in cinemas. Did he even manage to sell about 675,000 tickets, through which the experts Insidekino By current calculations, only two films in history would have sold more tickets in their fifth weekend in Germany: “Titanic” with nearly 967,000 tickets and “The Lion King” with 800,000 tickets. Almost 600,000 tickets were sold in the predecessor’s “Avatar: Aufbruch nach Pandora” fifth weekend.

Overall, Avatar 2 is likely to receive more than 7.3 million visitors in Germany after this weekend. But it gets even more interesting when you look at the turnover, the money that’s spent on those ticket sales. Soon there will be only films directed by James Cameron in the top.

Top 3 James Cameron movies

Even with conservative estimates, Avatar 2: The Way Of Water will gross at least €97 million at the German box office after this weekend. A result of just under 100 million is entirely possible. In any case, the sequel has already overtaken “The Jungle Book” (currently with all its re-releases at around €92 million) in the list of highest-grossing films of all time in Germany on Friday.

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The Pandora adventure with Sam Worthington and Zoe Saldana, among others, is at No. 4 on this list – and before it was at No. 3. There’s currently “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” at €102.7 million, which is then reached by “Avatar 2.” ” during the next week. This is the only “Star Wars” movie that precedes James Cameron’s impressive feat. then If “Avatar 2” soon overtakes “Star Wars 7”, the three highest-grossing films in German cinema history all come from James Cameron. Finally, the first two places are “Titanic” (126 million euros) and its predecessor “Avatar” (119 million euros).

Will these two titles be taken up by “Avatar 2”? Pandora’s Adventure is certainly on its way to claiming the record for the highest-grossing film of all time in Germany. However, this will not work with the net number of visitors. With an estimate of (at the time there were no or no reliable polls) of 28 and 27 million respectively, “The Forester from the Silver Forest” and “The Jungle Book” will probably always be unmatched at the top – but also From a time when cinema was a completely different situation and less competition.

Will Avatar 2 be the highest-grossing movie of all time?

The big question that worries many is debating whether “Avatar 2: Pandora’s Adventures” will one day be the most successful movie of all time. Worldwide, the sequel is fast approaching the $2 billion mark. It will soon overtake Spider-Man: No Way Home ($1.92 billion) and Avengers: Infinity War ($2.05 billion) to make the top five movies of all time. And the fourth-ranked Star Wars: The Force Awakens is very close to $2.07 billion and, in our estimation, will be left behind very soon.

It’s hard to predict how much higher it will go after that, as we’ve mentioned several times here. How many people are still going to the movies after six, seven or even ten weeks? How many people have seen the movie for the second, third or fifth time? It takes all that to break more records.

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Recently circulated accounts showing Avatar 2: The Way Of Water ended up taking in $2.5 billion. That would beat Titanic ($2.2 billion in third), but Avengers: Endgame ($2.8 billion in second) and Avatar ($2.9 billion in top). It is no longer accessible.

However, it should be noted that such predictions are based on very shaky models, as noted by the experts behind them. However, they do show a trend. We can just repeat what we observed in the past: op „Avatar 2: Water RoadIt will end up being the most successful movie ever, only the future will tell. However, at the moment, it seems that it will not make it to the top, but it will result in an outstanding third place in the end.

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