The server has stopped hotfix on 11/01. – All notes and debug information

in Destiny 2 The support team will resume work and bring its first hiatus in 2023. Because of that, the day is comingon January 11 an update to the game. We’ll tell you when the servers on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, PC and Google Stadia go offline and why part of Hotfix will please many gamers.

What you need to know today: At Bungie, the support routine is officially back today, so gamers can expect the first update of the new year. The new update is coming and Bungie plans an important quality of life change in the update that will make many players happy.

However, the update also means that you will experience a small downtime tonight during which you will not be able to gamble. MeinMMO will accompany you during the update and update this article with new information. So you don’t miss anything.

Update history to Hotfix

19:30 noon: Bungie has released patch notes for the update. You can find them further down in the article.

6:10 PM: Servers got back online with a slight delay. Hotfix is released and you can start the download. On PC, this is 133.7MB.

5:45 pm: Destiny 2 servers are now offline. You now have 15 minutes to take a break.

17:00 noon: Background maintenance has just begun in Destiny 2. You now have 45 minutes to complete your ongoing activities before the Destiny 2 servers go offline for 15 minutes.

Right after the update, players can go back to the Seraph Season activities and learn how to tactically thwart Xivu Arath’s plans without getting her hands dirty.

In the season trailer, there’s a sneak peek at what awaits you in Destiny 2:

Destiny 2 introduces Season of the Seraph in the trailer – heralding the return of the warm soul of Rasputin

Update on 11.01.2019 – All times and server down

For each update, Bungie announces downtime when players can no longer gamble. We offer you this information in our article with the German times. So you can plan your game night perfectly.

All times at a glance:

  • At 5:00 pm German time, background maintenance will start on all platforms.
  • From 5:45 PM the servers will go offline and you will be automatically kicked from all activity.
  • Servers are scheduled to come back online around 6:00 PM, and update will be rolled out to all platforms. After downloading, you can log back into the game.
  • The ongoing background maintenance will officially end at 7:00 p.m. if all goes smoothly.

Important: Even if you download the update and get back into the game, you may experience connection issues until the end of maintenance at 7:00 PM. You may also have to expect queues when logging in.

Also consider that Third party apps in addition to the official companion app It may not be properly accessed for a period of time after the update.

Note to all Stadia users: On January 18, 2023 Stadia will be closed Players will lose access to their Destiny 2 characters. If you want to avoid this, you should set up Cross Save on another platform by then. Bungie has made sure that it will allow players to use their characters on linked platforms even after Stadia shuts down.

Stadia is ending soon – players need to enable cross save now!

This changes with Update in Season 19

Since there is no “This Week at Bungie” blog over the holidays, not much information is known about long-term planned changes at this time. However, Bungie has made some pre-announcements and may also address some old issues and new bugs directly in the first update.

Bungie has already provided this advance notice of the change:

  • Armor mods will be immediately available to every player after today’s update. This means that no one has to wait until mods can finally be purchased from NPC merchants in turn. Thanks to this change, everyone can use it immediately and directly for their builds – without restrictions.

Destiny 2 solves the biggest problem new players face today – just in time for the next big expansion

Current list of currently known issues:

  • When starting the game, some players are getting the “Centipede” error code. Only after the second start can you log into the game normally.
  • On the Europa and Mars Raid Battlegrounds map, enemies may suddenly spawn when players enter certain areas.
  • On some computers, using Alt-Tab to bring up the desktop while playing in full screen mode may cause the game to freeze and require a game restart.
  • Claims hierarchy does not properly pierce Hydra or Phalanx shields when paired with the bowstring piercing shield.
  • Shipping flag sometimes doesn’t work in the second encounter of Wellspring’s activity.
  • Xbox One players can only team up with other Fireteams players if they are in the same bubble.
  • Playername changes are not customizable through Players are still waiting for the option to change their player name multiple times instead of just once.
  • the stranger The Jade Rabbit Scout Rifle is currently disabledbecause its strange effect can also be transferred to other weapons to deal head damage on body hits.

Destiny 2: First Exo is down in Season 19 thanks to a very curious bug

If you encounter any other problems in the game, the recommendation is to address them directly Official Bungie Help forum Report to alert developers. Alternatively, you can leave us a review if you are aware of other bugs in the game.

Patch notes for update from 11.01. in destiny 2

What’s in the patch notes? Bungie publishes a comprehensive list of all changes made to Hotfix in the form of patch notes. Traditionally, this happens very quickly after the servers are back online.

Are you glad Bungie is dealing with in-game issues again? Or are you annoyed with the downtime? If you notice other problems in the game that are not listed here, we invite you to leave a comment here on MeinMMO and thus inform other players about them.

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