The weakest link in Dragonflight is the previous World of Warcraft expansions

World of Warcraft: Dragonflight It has been out in the wild since the end of November 2022, and the expansion has been well received by fans. It’s interesting and useful New dragon friend Who transports you through the epic expanses of the mysterious and vibrant Dragon Islands. Changes in crafting and player axes make everything look more lively, the current opponent is leagues ahead shadowlandsSure, the mysterious warden, and fans are excited about the upcoming updates.

There is only one problem to cling to Dragon Flightand he World of WarcraftPast. Nearly 20 years later, the game has picked up a fair amount of narrative baggage. Some of the game’s messy stories have been resolved, and some have been gracefully reworked. But her predecessors still loom large Dragon Flight.

Battle of Azeroth And shadowlandsHowever, the previous two expansions had major problems. Longtime character favorite Sylvanas Windrunner ended up taking over the plot and Run through a series of startlingly bad decisions. She committed the horrific genocide of the Night’s Jane, made a deal with the clearly evil Queen Azshara, and joined forces with the mega-demon on Super Hill. It took an entire book. Sylvanas By Kristi Golden, to make her character an arc coherentnot to mention the captor.

World of Warcraft: Shadowlands - Sylvanas Windrunner, an undead elf with bright red eyes, speaks to an off-camera character with an optimistic expression.

Image: Blizzard Entertainment

Sylvanas’ plot took players on a merry chase through the realm of death, which is where we learned More about the cosmic forces that rule the multiverse. Once the warden was defeated and Sylvanas captured, the NPC team of heroes who help run the show around Azeroth decide that all is well and a new era of peace can begin. This laid the foundation for events Dragon Flightwith its quieter, more focused story Which gives players a third space to hang out. The problem is that file players From Azeroth didn’t come to the same decision, because the story never really reached a satisfactory conclusion.

Some Alliance players still remember the horror of trying in vain to evacuate Teldrasil, leaving the innocent Night Dwarves behind to perish. Some crowd players do not regret. In fact, they wish they had gone and burned a few more cities. This, in and of itself, is not a defect. It makes sense that in a vast world (of Warcraft) people would have different ideas and morals. But there is no real way to express a more precise set of reactions than through mechanics. Dragon FlightThe narrative pushes these conflicts into the closet and gingerly closes the door. Don’t pay attention to the past few years of narration, please, it’s okay. it’s a Fine. Everyone is Fine.

But the metaphysical plots of cosmic world-building and the big picture are moving forward. in corps, fans tearfully bid farewell to the green dragon’s flight side, Ysera the Dreamer. We eventually helped her get to the Shadowlands, where she was bound to Ardenwild, an afterlife for powerful nature spirits. in Dragon Flightplayers bring her back to Azeroth again, through a disconcerting metaphysical ritual that transports Night Elf leader Malfurion Stormrage to Ardenweald in her stead.

World of Warcraft: Dragonflight - Ysera, the green side of Dragonflight, smiles fondly at her daughter

Image: Blizzard Entertainment

Part of enjoying a long-running story like World of Warcraft is confidence. There has to be a sense of confidence in the book, that Chekhov’s guns on the mantle will go off in time and old characters will continue to pursue their baser impulses. World of Warcraft nearly two decades old; Some of the characters have had plots brewing since then corps, or more than half a decade. There is a very real investment here. Ysera’s story is, thus far, the first sign that something is wrong. She had a tragic sendoff, a glorious rebirth, and now… she’s back again! why? For any reason? It may pay off, but for now, it seems to spoil what used to be a memorable arc.

so far, Dragon Flight (Mostly) very well written. Raszageth the Storm-Eater, the first raid boss we fight Dragon Flightalready has clearer motives and a stronger presence in the narrative than shadowlands“The jailer ever. The family drama between the different dragons is fun, and hanging out with Tuskarr and Centaur is fun. But for now, I’m still anxious, waiting for the other shoe to drop. It will take some time World of Warcraft To fully restore my confidence. We’ll have to see how the rest Dragon Flight Then the next adventures in the story begin.

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