There are no easy answers to Bungie’s mounting technical problems

It was destiny 2 Offline For 16 hours now, in the wake of a major hotfix that was supposed to remove blue drops and airborne nerf effectiveness, but accidentally broke the whole game. (to update: As of 10 a.m. ET, the game is back online, and the rollback has been implemented).

The fix is ​​supposed to be rolled out sometime this morning, but that schedule is subject to change, and we’re already well past the originally set 3-4 AM PST window. I don’t begrudge the Bungie crew for effectively dragging people through the night to fix everything that’s going on here, which started with finding some players lost wins and titles, and ended with extreme server instability, you can kill an enemy three times and watch them spring back to life due to lag.

Bungie said that they will be issuing an actual regression to a pre-hotfix state, which means that any loot farmed before or immediately after the hotfix begins will be lost. This isn’t great right after a reset when so many things in-game reset and when many players start farming right away, myself included. So here are the missing raid drops, crafting modes, and weird bows. It’s only the third full retraction in Destiny 2 history.

It has become abundantly clear that Destiny 2’s increasing technical issues are the main problem with the game. This season alone, Bungie has had to shut down the API twice to fix bug code and server issues, one of which spoiled the launch of its new cell. He’s got players worried about the state of Lightfall and the raid race launching in just over a month, which is understandable.

The problem is, there are no easy answers here. While I may always shout suggestions at Bungie for nerfs, buffs, or economic changes, the fanbase can’t really make any educational commentary on what’s going on behind the scenes here. Typically, a laundry list of culprits is:

last generation consoles The game is being delayed by being held on PS4 and Xbox One, while focus should be on PS5, Series X and PC.

Content vault – Either too much / not enough. Bungie has said that the content vault will help with Destiny’s technical challenges, but so far things have gone bad. Some believe things could be resolved when seasonal content is cleared before Lightfall, but then again, that’s it, guesswork.

tiger drive – This is Destiny 2’s long-running engine that’s been upgraded and reformatted many times over the years, but players think it’s too old now. Some call out the familiar refrain that Destiny has to pass into Unreal Engine 5. That’s… not going to happen. It is possible that these problems are engine related but we don’t know how or to what extent.

Destiny 3 – Destiny 3 is trending online with everyone saying it’s time for Bungie to simply leave Destiny 2 and make a new game as these issues mount. However, who knows if Destiny 3 would have solved these issues if the issues persisted in, say, the server infrastructure, and not just the core of what’s already in Destiny 2. Or the issues couldn’t carry over between games.

So yeah, I think we can say that’s a very clear and very pressing issue, but this is one area where I don’t think we can provide any prescriptions. Unless Bungie goes into great detail about exactly what’s going on here, we’re just guessing, and it sure looks like it is that they I don’t really know the full range of issues the game has, since this is constantly happening at an ever-increasing pace.

This does not seem sustainable, and may require some bigger and more painful changes to come. For this week, check back here and I’ll update this when Destiny 2 comes back online.

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