‘There’s Always Someone’ – NASCAR Fans Slam ‘Room Temp IQ’ On Back Le Mans 24 Hours Virtual Drama

Earlier this month, many notable racing players and drivers gathered for a huge event. They were all racing the virtual 24 Hours of Le Mans on the rFactor 2 simulator. However, it would be an exaggeration to say that it was an absolute disaster. The event was exposed so badly that it dethroned the F1 champion, Max Verstappen. Now, another big racing sim event, the 24 Hours of Daytona, is happening on the iRacing platform, and NASCAR fans were hoping there wouldn’t be a hitch.

A contestant pointed out what was supposed to be a glitch, but he wasn’t expecting such a massive response from the Twitter community. According to the player, crafting bumps was really difficult, as a small bump could lead to a massive crash. However, people on Twitter insisted that something like this was relatively minor, compared to what happened at Le Mans. Verstappen has even spoken out about the issues and announced he will be uninstalling rFactor.

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How did NASCAR fans react to the supposed Daytona issues?

Some people have admitted that iRacing has its issues. However, they also said that there are approximately 15,000 players competing in the game Daytona. Meanwhile, rFactor had problems with only 160 players, resulting in two long red flag periods. Some have noted that in the real world, bump phrasing is not viewed very favorably.

A few people even declared that it was funny that something as trivial as the wording of the bump could be criticized. The consensus was that getting bumps in the turns and bumps was at least somewhat acceptable. On the other end of the spectrum, disconnecting from the server frequently won’t fly at all. Other notes concluded that pulling the car in front of you while exiting a corner never ends well.

November 6, 2022; Avondale, Arizona, USA; NASCAR Cup Series driver Ryan Blaney (12) and driver Joey Logano (22) during the Cup Championship race at Phoenix Raceway. Mandatory credit: Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports


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Read one answerAnd “Don’t hit the electric current in the corners it’s a dangerous move in NASCAR, why would you think of sports cars”. In a way, fans have a point, because when NASCAR Drivers attempt to pull the current, usually in a straight line. Climbing into the back of another car while heading into or out of a corner will always end badly, just ask Denny Hamlin.

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