This free game is not for the faint of heart

Both google Play Store In addition to the Apple App Store, it includes countless applications, some of which are offered for free, others for a fee. It’s not a big secret. What many people don’t know or don’t pay attention to is that full paid versions can often be downloaded as part of an offer without paying. We have selected some interesting free apps for you.

These professional apps are currently free (Android)

  • Mental Hospital: Eastern Bloc 2 (€0.09) – Take a mental hospital, and spice it up with a bit of darkness and a bleak story. You already have all the best prerequisites for the excellent horror game that you can play for free right now. (4.0 stars, 1,120 comments)
  • NT Calculator – More comprehensive (269 ​​euros) – In most cases, integrated calculator apps were only sufficient for basic math operations. If you have some complicated calculations in mind, this free calculator app can help you. (4.5 stars, 2,820 comments)
  • Blindy – The hardest 2D platformer (2.09 euros) – Do you like challenges? Then this jump and run game is just right for you. Highlight: the protagonist is blind. And so the player too. (3.8 stars, 272 reviews)
  • PDF Editor Pro – Edit and Sign (6,99 euros) – What many do not know: PDF files can be edited in the same way as Word documents. All it takes is a good editor app. Usually they cost money, but currently the corresponding application can be downloaded and installed for free. (4.2 stars, 234 reviews)

These premium apps are currently free (iOS)

  • Plant friend – plant care (4,99 euros) – Do you hate killing your plant? With the support of Plantbuddy, even people who don’t have a green thumb should be able to properly care for their plants. To this end, the application offers several useful functions and even a community. (4.6 stars, 1,546 reviews)
  • Notiztresor Pro (4,99 euros) – notes apps They are like sea sand. But only a few of them Safety designer. Note Vault hides your messages behind a password and also supports Touch ID. Storing data in the cloud is also part of the suite of functions. (4.6 stars, 129 reviews)
  • Stellarium Mobile: Star Map (13.99 euros) – Outer space, infinite spaces – now also on your mobile phone. With the planetarium app, which is currently free, you can see in real time what is happening above your head. (4.8 stars, 1,871 comments)
  • RAW Camera, Effects, Muse Cam (9,99 euros) – Free application for amateur photographers? Here you are! With this app, you can not only edit your photos afterwards, but also manually adjust ISO, shutter speed, white balance, and more. (4.5 stars, 696 reviews)
  • Battle of Wesnoth (3,99 euros) – This free app takes you back to the times of the famous classic game Heroes of Might and Magic. Because this is also a turn-based strategy game with fantasy elements. (4.8 stars, 263 reviews)
  • Cosmic Frontline AR (2,99 euros) – With the help of Augmented Reality (AR), Cosmic Frontline turns your living room or garden into an immersive space adventure with interesting spaceship battles. (4.2 stars, 118 reviews)

Free apps with grab feature – you have to pay attention to that

All of the above apps were freely available at the time of writing. Unfortunately, the developers rarely say how long the show will last. If you like an app, you should download it as soon as possible.

Before downloading free applications, it is advised to go through the respective pages in the Play Store Or take a closer look at the App Store. Because some programs contain different obstacles.

In-app purchases and advertising

As a general rule, in-app purchases and ads are more likely to be found in free apps, but full versions are often not excluded either – regardless of whether they were purchased for free or for a fee. This is especially important if the downloaded program is a children’s game. In such and similar cases, one of the following parental controls can help you:

Application permissions

Some apps are profitable by collecting and selling user information, for example. If you want to be on the safe side, you need to make sure that you’re only giving apps the permissions they need to work. An alarm usually doesn’t need access to your camera or contacts, while a flashlight doesn’t need to care about your location data.

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