This is what Julina Minin looked like before the sex change

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Before and after: This is what Jolina Menen looked like before her gender change

With Jolina Mennen, a candidate goes to Jungle Camp 2023 who doesn’t yet have any reality TV experience. Here you can find out what makes your post more interesting.

She is one of the most successful YouTubers in Germany and will be a 2023 Jungle Camp candidate: Jolina Mennen. The 30-year-old celebrated her TV debut in 2022 by taking part in the RTL High Race and finished second there. Now the influencer This year’s season “I’m a Star – Get Me Out of Here!” Take on a new challenge and secure the crown.

  • Name: Julina Minin
  • Date of birth: 03 September 1992
  • Place of birth: Bremen
  • Zodiac sign: Virgo
  • Occupation: YouTuber, Author, Influencer, Podcast
  • Spouse: Florian Menin
  • Instagram: julinaminen

That is why Jolina Mennen will be enriching Jungle Camp in 2023

Born in Bremen and raised there by her grandmother, the influencer began studying art and Spanish (a teaching position) as well as international business after graduating from high school. However, Jolina Mennen broke with this and started her YouTube channel of the same name in 2008. Since 2008, the YouTuber has shared her experiences as a transgender woman with over 280,000 subscribers as well as makeup tips, making her the most successful transgender YouTuber in Germany. There, too, Julina Minin showed what she looked like and how facial surgeries changed her.

Transgender people do not or do not identify exclusively with the gender they were assigned at birth. Jolina Mennen now also reports on experiences, related obstacles, and her career on her Instagram account with 217,000 followers and on Facebook.

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In 2010, the influencer met her current husband, Florian Menin, who is also a YouTuber. The couple has already sealed their marriage with two weddings. In 2019, Jolina Mennen published her first autobiographical book, Storytime, which made it to Spiegel’s bestseller list.

Through her social media work and her book, Mennen is committed to breaking down stigma, transgender prejudice, and discrimination by sharing her journey with her followers. Among other things, the jungle camp candidate talks candidly about her transition (sex reassignment surgery) and, along with her husband Florian Menin, offers insight into the relationship and private life. Also on the “Still Cool” podcast the two talk about their daily lives, politics and current events – gossip and gossip aren’t neglected either.

Jolina Mennen has already been involved in these television formats

  • 2022: RTL High Diving (RTL)
  • 2022: Ninja Warrior (RTL)
  • 2022: TV Total Wok World Cup (ProSieben)

These are your goals and challenges in the battle for jungle crown 2023

The jungle camp candidate managed to gain her first experience in television formats last year, but she has not yet taken part in the reality show. The time spent in the Australian jungle is even more exciting for the 30-year-old, who has set herself a number of goals. “I love challenges and enjoy growing beyond myself,” she revealed to RTL. Julina Mneen would like to enrich the camp and its residents with her good mood and open-minded nature. However, your participation in the IBES Relay 2023 has other reasons.

“I am aware of this platform and the responsibility I have towards myself and the entire community,” the candidate explains in an RTL interview before starting IBES. The influencer wants to get rid of fears of communication and create a normal life for transgender people. She seems to have succeeded with fellow nominee Gigi Perofio. When he supposedly first learned about her sex change, he Jolina was touched by Gigi’s reaction.

These are Jolina Mennen’s biggest challenges at jungle camp

Surprisingly, Julina Minin does not see her biggest challenge in others Jungle Camp Candidates Or jungle exams, but in the “mobile phone denial.” “I haven’t stopped working out a day since 2008,” the 30-year-old revealed. From Friday, January 13, viewers on RTL can catch up on whether time without mobile phones and the web remains their toughest challenge.

Before the start, there was a brief moment of shock for the young trans woman. On Instagram, she posted a video of herself having a crying fit while sitting on the floor of her hotel room. A bad premonition weighs heavily on Julina Minin.

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