This is where Jungle Camp was filmed

Twelve celebrities, disgust tests, oppressive heat, kilos of beans and rice. To start jungle camp on January 13th, you’ll find important detailed information here.

Who has reached the jungle throne in the past, which celebrities have voluntarily left the camp? How do you get to know the new mediator Jan Cobben? And where was the show actually filmed? You can learn more about this here.

Is jungle camp really taking place in Australia?

Celebrities are staying at a jungle camp near the Gold Coast in eastern Australia. In the month of January, the temperature is an average of 29°C during the day. Temperatures rarely drop below 17 degrees at night. The time difference for Germany is plus ten hours. In 2022, the stars went to South Africa due to the Corona pandemic. The new season takes place in Australia again. And here:


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Who cares about the health of the stars?

In front of the cameras is dr. Bob guides the celebrities through the auditions and makes sure they get out safely. The real name of the native Englishman is Robert McCarron and he is not only a paramedic but also a make-up artist.

Dr. Bob has long become a cult figure.
Dr. Bob has long become a cult figure. (Source: RTL / Stefan Menne)

In the background, a doctor and a psychologist are on site around the clock.

How much does a night at Hotel Versace cost?

Before and after jungle camp, the celebs stayed at the luxurious Hotel Versace on the Gold Coast. If you want to spend the night there, you have to pay between 426 and 523 euros per night for a room in January – breakfast included.

Who is the moderate in the jungle camp?

Sonja Zietlow modulated “I’m a star – get me out of here!” Since the first season. At first she sang in a duet with Dirk Bach. After his death in 2012, Daniel Hartwich took over as moderator from season seven.

After the 2022 jungle camp, Hartwich announced that he will not adjust the format. From this year, Zietlow will welcome Jan Köppen to the gallery.

Whether it will be as fun with him as it is with Hartwich will be seen in the next few weeks. If gag writers have their way, the answer should be yes: Zietlow’s husband, Jens Oliver Haas, and authors Micky Beisenherz and Jörg Uebber continue to ensure audiences always have something to laugh about.

Zietlow got her start in the late 1990s with her own talk show of the same name on Saturday 1. Coben is known as a moderator and commentator on “Ninja Warrior Germany,” for example, and he also directs the dome show “Take Me Out.”

Who was the queen of the jungle or the king of the jungle?

Costa Cordalis: He is the first ever King of the Jungle.
Costa Cordalis: He is the first ever King of the Jungle. (Quell: Andreas Rentz/Getty Images)

In all, more than 150 C to Z celebrities have gone to the Australian bush over the years. You can see who came to the throne in our photo gallery or here:

  • 2004: Costa Cordalis
  • 2004: Desiree Nick
  • 2008: Ross Anthony
  • 2009: Ingrid van Bergen
  • 2011: Per Kosmagek
  • 2012: Brigitte Nielsen
  • 2013: Joy Hendel
  • 2014: Melanie Mueller
  • 2015: Maren Gelzer
  • 2016: Menderes Bagchi
  • 2017: Mark Terenzi
  • 2018: Jenny Frankhauser
  • 2019: Evelyn Burdecki
  • 2020: Prince Damian
  • 2022: Philip Pavlovich

Who left camp early?

Actor Dustin Semmelrog departed early in the first season. In the second season, porn star Dolly Buster decides to leave the camp. The blasphemous attacks of the cabaret artist Desiree Nick were too violent for her. At just a day and a half, she holds the record for the shortest stay. Moderator Harry Winford didn’t last long in Season 2 either.

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