This Jason Momoa/DCU video details Gunn & Safran’s DCU studios timeline

Jason Momoa has found a way to get DCU fans excited, and his video also clarified a few things about James Gunn & Peter Safran’s DC Studios timeline.


Once the new year rolled around, the waiting game called to the beloved “Spinal Tap” eleven. Of course, we’re talking about the millions of DCU fans waiting (somewhat) patiently for the DC Studios co-chairs James Gunn & Peter Safran To start coming up with specific details of their 8-10 year plan (next word that Gunn was writing a Superman movie for the big screen). Well, the fires of anticipation and speculation caused a lot of gasoline to be dumped on it yesterday after Jason Momoa (Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom) shared a video of him leaving a meeting with the boss of Gunn, Safran & Warner Bros. Discovery (WBD) David Zaslav As it seemed pretty clear the actor would have a future with DC Studios (more on that below). So what did we learn from all of this? Aside from the obvious, Momoa is pumped at the “cool” news he’s received, that is? Well, some things…

Jason Momo
Photo: DC Studios/HBO Max Screencap

Between meeting with momoa and Matt Reeves (BatmanConfirming they’ll meet soon, Gunn & Safran seem to have reached that point where they’re getting everyone on the same page before making things public. This falls in line with the timeline that Jan laid out a few months ago, and while people might be getting impatient? There are still eleven days left in the month, and in the realm of pop culture, that’s a lifetime.

Based on Momoa’s video, it appears that Zaslav is directly involved in these meetings (or at least meeting Momoa). At least, that’s how I read it. Whether it was physical or not, it probably doesn’t matter. That said, Momoa might be thanking Zaslav because he knows Gunn & Safran are speaking for Zaslav because they answer him directly. But for the expected level of DCU change, Zaslav’s direct involvement would be a good “unified front” message to send.

If Zaslav is involved in the meetings (in any capacity), that means Gunn & Safran have already laid out their plans for him, keeping their rollout schedule on track. And while this may be far fetched, I take the lack of leaks and “sources” running on anyone who will print their shade as a good sign. Because we all know how quickly complainers can pick up on bad news.

As you can see by the screenshots below from the video he posted on Thursday, Momoa indicated he was just as excited to leave the WBD/DCU meeting that day as he was four years ago. And though he couldn’t reveal any details, Momoa did show Jon, Safran, and Zaslav a lot of love for the “really great news” he received. And just to confirm that some excellent Momoa news is coming up soon, the actor ended the video by sending kisses to the future. Personally? I’m voting for the Lobo broadcast series led by Momoa…

Jason Momoa / DCU video shows Gunn & # 038;  Safran's DC Studios schedule
Photo: Jason Momoa IG Stories Screencap
Jason Momoa / DCU video shows Gunn & # 038;  Safran's DC Studios schedule
Photo: Jason Momoa IG Stories Screencap

DC Studios: Superman/Batman Updates

To no one’s surprise, the future of The Man of Steel is at the top of many DCU fans’ lists when it comes to wanting more information about who the new Superman will be for the Gunn-penned feature film. And while that alone would be enough pressure, highlight the mix for which the person will take charge. Henry Cavill, and you can imagine feeling the need to do it right. So when someone on Twitter tweeted the rumor that Jacob pink (trance) was under consideration last week, Gunn took the opportunity to provide an extensive update and some clarity on the film and the cast. My thoughts are no one has been cast as Superman yet. Casting, as it almost always does with me, will happen after the script is finished or about to end, which it isn’t. We’ll announce a few things in not long, but the casting of Superman won’t be One of them,” Gon tweeted in response. Here’s a look at Gunn’s tweet that offers a reality check regarding the future of The Man of Steel:

“that they [Gunn and Safran] it was amazing. […] We’re actually supposed to meet in the next few weeks because they want to talk to me about the overall plan, and then they want to hear about the BatVerse plan. We just meet to talk about it all. Listen, I’m excited to hear what they’re going to do. The BatVerse thing, as James said, and as Peter said, is kind of their own thing that they let us do,” Reeves co With collider During an interview conducted earlier this month in support of the fifteenth anniversary of Cloverfield‘, stating that he will meet with the co-chairs of DC Studios soon.

A key focus of the meeting is to compare notes as a way to ensure future plans don’t “bump into each other” going forward. “I had this dream the way I wanted it to be done, and that’s part of what I’m going to be talking to them in a few weeks. They’re going to be talking to me about what they’re doing in their 10-year plan or certainly what’s in the near future as well so we can understand that we’re not — it’s air traffic control — We don’t want to bump into each other. We want to support each other,” Reeves explained. “I’m so excited. I’m really excited to hear what they’re doing and work with them. That would be great.”

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