To get the platinum trophy you need a lot of patience

These are all trophies in One Piece Odyssey.

These are all trophies in One Piece Odyssey.

With One Piece Odyssey, the series is getting a new JRPG offshoot to celebrate its 25th anniversary. On PS4 and PS5, you can also unlock loads of prizes, but you’ll have to plan for some time here.

In order to secure platinum, you have to do almost everything in the game. While you get some rewards, such as completing chapters or fighting 300 battles, usually in the course of the game, you have to search properly for others. Particularly unlocking cube parts or opening all locked chests takes a few hours. Here you have to run through the already visited areas again.

Are there titles that can be missed? No, none of the prizes can be missed, so you can easily collect them.

These are all trophies in One Piece Odyssey

In total, there are 52 trophies in the game along with platinum: one platinum, two gold, nine silver and 40 bronze.


  • Masters of the Odyssey: A true adventurer.


  • Step by stepAll of them are above level 70.
  • Challenge the opponent: Defeat strong challenge opponents all at least twice.


  • The final chapter is over: Complete the last chapter.
  • Pro pit stops: All side stories completed.
  • treasure hunter: I collected all gifts.
  • Certified defibrillator: All memory connections have been completed.
  • top chefAll recipes are prepared.
  • Trick ball miracleMission: I made all the trick balls.
  • Bounty hunter: All locked treasure chests have been opened.
  • Challenge newcomer opponent: Defeat a strong opponent in a challenge.
  • Battle CommanderWin 300 battles.


  • Chapter 1 ended: Chapter 1 completed.
  • Chapter 2 ended: Chapter 2 completed.
  • Chapter 3 ended: Chapter 3 completed.
  • Chapter 4 is over: Chapter 4 completed.
  • Chapter 5 ended: Chapter 5 completed.
  • Chapter 6 ended: Chapter 6 completed.
  • Chapter 7 ended: Chapter Seven completed.
  • Chapter 8 ended: Chapter 8 completed.
  • journeyman: prepared 10 recipes.
  • Ball trick for beginners: I made 10 trick balls.
  • quest hero: 30 plugins are integrated.
  • excited factory: 5 accessories are integrated.
  • Jewel Master: Accessory made with 4 effects.
  • Beginner pit stop: 10 side stories completed.
  • For Jägerge: Collected 10 bonuses.
  • Shredder repairer: 5 memory links completed.
  • Partylow: hosted 30 concerts.
  • Mosque: 99 assembled Yaga cubes.
  • Dice collector: Luffy: Collect 50 Luffy Cubes.
  • Dice Collector: Zoro: Collect 50 Zorro cubes.
  • Dice collector: Nami: 30 Nami Cubes have been collected.
  • Dice collector: Usopp: Collect 40 Usopp cubes.
  • Cube Collector: Sanji: Collect 40 Sanji Cubes.
  • Dice collector: Chopper: 30 cube blocks have been collected from the chopper.
  • Dice collector: Robin: 30 Robin Cubes have been collected.
  • Dice collector: Franky: Collect 20 Franky Cubes.
  • Dice collector: Brook: 6 Brook Assembled Cube Parts.
  • collectable: I got a total of 20,000,000 berries.
  • Together with friends: Activate 20 talent friends.
  • Heavy hit: Deal over 10,000 damage to the enemy with a single attack.
  • Gum Rocket: Blast in the air with the Gum Gum Rocket 100 times.
  • Iron door cutter: Destroy 20 doors with Zoro’s brush cutter.
  • Lesops CaputoMission: Usopp’s shot is used 100 times.
  • Archaeological knowledge: Robin collected 20 items using archaeological knowledge.
  • The taste of the cookMission: Sanji collects 25 items with Cook’s intuition.
  • Treasure radar: Nami has collected 25 items using Treasure Radar.
  • Frankie Skywalk: Build a bridge 10 times over with Franky Skywalk.
  • winner: Win 50 battles.
  • Escape to victory: escaped from three battles.

You can read in GamePro’s test why One Piece Odyssey offers a great story but can still be frustrating:

The JRPG is like Luffy - with a lot of heart and tough as rubber


One Piece Odyssey im Test

The JRPG is like Luffy – with a lot of heart and tough as rubber

How long does it take you to get platinum?

There is still no official information on how long the Platinum Cup will last. However, you should 60 hours Plan if you really want to experience everything in the game. Since that involves many time-consuming side activities, you can expect a similar time frame.

Planning on grabbing the Platinum Trophy in One Piece Odyssey?

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