Today’s biathlon in live tape: Mass begins in Ruhpolding on Sunday

Biathlon: Benedikt Doll wants another good result in the mass start.

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The 2022/23 Biathlon World Cup matches will continue on Sunday. There is mass start in the program at Ruhpolding. is part of the live tape today.

Ruhpolding – Zoom Closing of the Biathlon World Cup in Ruhpolding There are two great races on the agenda. Mass start for Gents start at 12:30pmLadies, starting at 2:45 p.m. is Today in the biathlon live video with you.

Live stream update here

Before the race: Johannes Thingnes-Boe is the favorite to win again today, but compatriots Vettel Sgastad Christiansen and Sturla-holm Lagerd will also want to be among the front runners. From a German point of view, the hopes lie with Benedikt Doll, who is currently in top form and can make it to the podium here.

Before the race: We see five German men at the beginning of the day. Benedict Doll, Romain Reis, David Zobel, Justus Strelow and Johannes Kuhn qualified.

Before the race: The men will start first today at 12:30pm. Here all participants are targeting Johannes Thingnes Boe. The Norwegian won the individual event on Wednesday and also led her relay to victory on Friday.

Before the race: After being injured last week and after two tough races this week, Anna Weidel can no longer hold on fully. Here, too, no more risks should be taken in terms of preparing for the World Cup.

Before the race: Herrmann isn’t feeling 100 percent fit after an intense workout the past few days. With the aim of holding the World Championships on home soil in Oberhof, after consultation with the coaches and the team doctor, one should not risk further tension in the competition.

Before the race: There is bad news from the German national team. Dennis Hermann-Wicke and Anna Weidel could no longer start.

Before the race: Hello and welcome to the live tape of today’s Ruhpolding biathlon.

Biathlon today in live tape: Preliminary report on the races

In the Biathlon World Cup, the mass start is 25th in the World Cup overall The top five athletes of the current World Cup qualified. A total of 60 athletes will start on Sunday, incl Nine German starters.

Today’s biathlon in the live stream: Five German men are there

In the men’s group, five DSV athletes qualified for the mass start. Benedikt Doll, Roman Rees, David Zobel, Justus Strelow and Johannes Kühn They are part of the starting field, which consists of 30 athletes.

All participants start at the same time. Runs 15 kilometers, goes to the shooting range four times. Mass starts are usually dynamic raceswhich promises great excitement until the very last shoot.

Today’s biathlon in the live stream tape: Boe as the favorite, four women’s DSV there

The favorite is Johannes Thingens Bo, who won the individual race on Wednesday and led the Norwegian relay to victory on Friday. but also Doll and Reese are doing wellOn a good day the platform is possible. Here is the start list

30 athletes also start for women. From a German point of view Dennis Hermann-Wicke, Vanessa Voigt, Anna Weidel, and Sophia Schneider Passed the qualification. It wasn’t enough for Janina Hettich-Walz and Juliane Frühwirt.

Favorite To win the race over 12.5 km with four shooting bouts There are many. Julia Simon from France wears the yellow jersey and is in amazing shape. Martti Olsbo Roysland is getting closer and closer to the top of the world, and her compatriot Ingrid Landmark Tandrifold should also be considered. Here is the start menu

Lisa Fituzzi won the individual, as did her teammate Dorothea Ferrer specializes in mass startups. Also among the candidates are the two Swedes, Hanna and Elvira Oberg. Men’s start at 12:30pm and women’s start at 2:45pm. is part of the biathlon live stream.

The races in Ruhpolding are part of the 2022/23 Biathlon World Cup. The biathlon calendar contains nine stations, and the results of World Cup races are included in the general classification for women and men. is included in the live feed of all races.



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