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First intermediate test of the new ARD Talkmaster Louis Klamroth (33): When he was hired, he hid the fact that he was in a relationship with climate activist Louisa Neubauer (26, “Fridays for the Future”). Now he must enter “difficult but fair” Work on the topic “The Last Lineage – How does the climate crisis change everyday life and life?” with professional objectivity. How crooked are the grooves?

Couple: Louisa Neubauer and Louis Klamroth

Couple: Louisa Neubauer and Louis Klamroth

Photo: M.Firyn, IMAGO/Jürgen Heinrich


Gita Koneman (58, CDU). The head of the Mittelstandsunion is introduced by the talk show host as a fan of law and order: “Contempt for works of art, staying on the street – these are criminal offenses for them, nothing else!”

Konstantin Kohli (33, FDP). The deputy justices of the parliamentary group said: “He who campaigns for climate protection is not above the law!”

Amy Van Balen (23). The press spokeswoman for the “Last Generation” launches the caliber of propaganda: “The government willfully violates basic rights!”

Hildegard Mueller (55). The auto boss is very worried because “we also have some climate activists who say democracy is basically not working!”

Sven Plogger (55). Before the talk, the ARD weather expert asked about alpine skiing in a documentary quickly added to the program: “Is that still plausible?”

Klamroth partner Neubauer It can only be watched, the view of the tougher “last generation” athlete climbing the circuit. The Zoff-o-Meter is based on solid bandages!

Amy van Balen, Sven Plogger, Konstantin Kohli, Gita Konemann, Hildegard Müller and supervisor Louis Klamroth (from left)

Amy van Balen, Sven Plogger, Konstantin Kohli, Gita Konemann, Hildegard Müller and supervisor Louis Klamroth (from left)

Photo: Das Erste/ARD

Academic introduction

The ARD weather scientist first coined a rare technical term on the counter: “There is such a thing as attribution research.” He lectures with lively gestures and translates it himself: “attribution research.”

named? “Weather and climate have something to do with each other,” says the blogger cheerfully. “The weather? It’s different every day in one way or another. What we feel and feel. Climate is ultimately the weather statistic.” Which he doesn’t say!

The strongest self-reflection

“We have extreme weather like science told us 30 or 40 years ago,” says Plogger, praising his profession.

The talk show host was immediately convinced: “We also had temperatures on New Year’s Eve,” he recalls and looks at the statistics. “This is the thirty-first prediction.”

“Yes,” confirms the meteorologist. “That’s even me, I guess.” Laughter in the studio!

Most of the explanation is brief

“It was very much true,” Klamroth admits.

“It always looks right,” Blogger proudly says. “90%!”

ARD weather expert Sven Blogger

ARD weather expert Sven Blogger

Photo: Das Erste/ARD

Most helpful suggestions

CDU-Connemann thinks of those affected in the winter sports centers: “a dangerous situation”, she complains. “It is part of the fact that ski tourism has brought wealth to a previously impoverished region.”

The talk show host asks, “Should the country subsidize snow cannons?”

“There are smart technologies,” the medium-sized company replies. “Waive and ban is not the answer here. Ski areas will have a chance if we enable them to use modern technology.” For example, with snow farming, snow collection and compaction in special warehouses. This is the first round of applause.

CDU Member of the Bundestag Gita Konemann

CDU Member of the Bundestag Gita Konemann

Photo: Das Erste/ARD

The most expected response

He then targets the climate activist Klamroth. His question: winter sports in the warmth, yes or no?

The answer comes like a snow cannon: “We need a discourse on this,” Van Balen routinely demands. “Currently we see that politicians fail to take responsibility for making decisions that do not lead us beyond the two degrees and thus to tipping points…” Horido!

Proposal left

Then the activist lets the climate out of the bag of phrases: “I think that such a discourse should then be possible by other democratic means,” she declares, faithful to the laws, “for example with the Council of the Society.”

How do you imagine that? “Where the driver sits across from the vegetarian girl, mother of three,” Van Balen innocently describes. Oof! Another body to increase morale on people who don’t just want to live green?

The most surprising answer

The talk show host doesn’t want to be mistaken so easily: “You asked a very specific question,” he insists. “Do you want ski areas with artificial snow?”

“It’s a very high energy consumption,” the activist worries, but: “If we can create 100 percent renewable energy in the future, that’s a completely different conversation.” Are you serious? And where are the other green core issues, nature conservation, animal welfare, land use, erosion?

Amy Van Balen, 23, is the spokeswoman

Amy Van Balen, 23, is the spokeswoman for The Last Generation.

Photo: Das Erste/ARD

The smartest recipes

The FDP politician reflects on the Harz in the constituency and considers the voters: “Like many, the area is beautiful even without snow”, he pays tribute to his homeland. “That’s why it’s about changing tourism. People will go on hiking vacations…”

The auto industry is also in turmoil. “Our best contribution to climate protection is when we develop technologies that help reduce carbon dioxide around the world,” says the Automotive Head. Applause for that too.

Most temperamental speed brake

Then the water-blogger took out a piece of paper from his jacket, put on his reading glasses and stated emphatically that there is no speed limit in the world: “Afghanistan, Burundi, Bhutan, Haiti, Mauritania, Myanmar, Lebanon, Somalia…”

Additional information from the ARD meteorologist growls: “Neither Germany, but the others have a theoretical, practical limit: If you drive more than seventy, the cars are out of order.”

The most effective exchange of blows

Blogger’s complaint is off-beat, accompanied by energetic hand slaps: “Why can’t Germany create such a simple story? It’s really not hard!” There’s even standing ovation for this.

However, Chairman Mueller dares to object: “We have 4,000 rickety bridges that we have to partially overtake. The carbon dioxide emissions from overtaking are much higher than we have from debating a speed limit symbol.” Applause for that, too.

Hildegard Müller is the President of the Automotive Industry Association (VDA).

Hildegard Müller is the President of the Automotive Industry Association (VDA).

Photo: Das Erste/ARD

The most disturbing declaration of war

In the next ARD clip, Van Balen, who sometimes clings to the asphalt, threatens: “We will begin our peaceful protest from February 6th. Expand to the entire republic, interrupting daily life in as many places as possible, and as often as possible.”

And further: “Now we will try to take the protest to every city, to every village and be there with more and more people.” Echz!

Clarify legal information

Klamroth asks the CDU MP: “Do you see that as a threat?” “These campaigns cost admission,” Koneman warns, especially when craftsmen, parents with school children, or even ambulances can’t get through. Her consistent verdict: “This is not a peaceful protest, it’s punishable by law!”

“If you know for sure that someone wants to stick themselves in a certain place,” helps Kuhle, the qualified attorney, “and you can assume there is a risk, then that could be punishable coercion. This is when there is no contact between those who I ban them and the case to which I object.”

Activist Van Balen shook her head and smiled: She’s been in the photo for a long time.

Leader of the parliamentary group of the Free Democratic Party Konstantin Kohli

Leader of the parliamentary group of the Free Democratic Party Konstantin Kohli

Photo: Das Erste/ARD

The most viscous dialogue

Klamroth has an additional question: “Mr. Plöger, you share Ms. Van Balen’s concern about the climate,” he says. “If push comes to shove, will you stay on the road too?”

A man should pass the ARD, but for a somewhat apolitical reason: “No,” he replies. “I don’t even know what glue to use.”

The female activist to his right must be laughing: “We’ll do that later,” she promised helpfully.

The most surprising question

Klamroth mocks the activist again: “If you look at your website, you will find demands for a speed limit of 100, a €9 ticket and a board,” he exclaims. “You set up a horrible scenario, and then you want a ridiculous speed limit, a cheap train ticket, and a round table?”

“These are demands that can be met overnight, that cost nothing,” Van Balen claims, “and that would be the first step to showing: We are taking this crisis seriously in the first place!” Phew…

Most personal controversy

The talk show host wants to know more about the social council: “Ms. von Palen, she wants a council of experts whose suggestions are enforced binding,” he says and, following the example of his predecessor Frank Blasberg, stands in the center of the activist. Abolished parliamentary democracy or how do I understand that?

“There are experts who advise them, and there are ordinary citizens, like you and me,” explains the activist with a friendly smile. Klamroth’s expression freezes briefly, and Van Balen quickly corrects: “Or like you and me.”

The most informative dialogue

“Ms. Van Balen, I can read in your transparency report that you even allowed donors to pay for the poster,” Klamroth said. “Are you a hobbyist or a full-time activist? Do you get paid? May I ask how much is that?”

Answer: “I’m just doing that right now. I get paid for the teaching work I do because I go to schools every day, give lectures, talk to unions…”

Most binding information

“Do you fare well as a climate fan?” The talk show host wants to know next.

“Okay,” sighs Van Balen, “I would say: average. It’s minimum wage. It depends on how much teaching work you do. You don’t get paid to stay on the streets.”

Quote from the evening

“Look for traffic lights, look for discord.” Gita Koneman


Easy blasphemy for the talk show host to get as far away from the scene of his affair as possible, which the WDR Broadcasting Board wants to judge on Tuesday. Brave announcements, fresh ideas and amazing guest confessions. It was a talk show in the “People Don’t Stick to Bread Alone” category.

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