Trossard feels “insulted” by De Zerby and wants to leave Brighton, according to Agent | Brighton and Hove Albion

Leandro Trossard wants to leave Brighton and feels “humiliated” by Roberto De Zerbi, according to a statement from the player’s agent on Friday.

The announcement by Belgium international agent Jozy Kuhmher came after the Brighton boss said Trossard would not feature against Liverpool on Saturday because of his attitude.

De Zerbi said that Trossard, who attracted the interest of Tottenham this month, left a training session early last week without saying anything to him, after he was told that he would not start the third round match of the FA Cup against Middlesbrough.

“It’s not good,” De Zerby said in his pre-match press conference on Friday. “The Monday after that, I talked to him and explained this situation, this behavior, that I don’t like.” The Italian added that he was open to reconciliation with the player, but the subsequent statement seemed to make that very unlikely.

Kumher claims De Zerbi stopped speaking to Trossard weeks ago after a training incident, and has questioned the manager’s version of the past week’s events. The agent also states that the transfer in January “is the most convenient solution” and would be “win-win for both parties”.

“In the run-up to the match against Middlesbrough in the FA Cup, Leandro had already indicated twice that he had calf problems,” Kumgher added. “This was the reason why he stopped training. This was, by the way, in consultation with the medical staff. The manager told Leandro that he had to train separately.

Last Monday, Principal [De Zerbi] Leandro’s humiliation [the] He indicated that he no longer wanted to see him. A manager who has not communicated directly with his player for four weeks is really incomprehensible.

“He is also the director who has indicated several times that transfer is the most appropriate solution,” the statement added. “It is therefore important that Brighton team up with a potential transfer during this transfer period and show a benevolent attitude, which is beneficial for both parties.”

Comher said Brighton had tried before the World Cup to extend Trossard’s contract beyond 2024 but no agreement had been reached and that the player “has also indicated that he is ready for his next step”.

“After the World Cup, there was an argument between Leandro and a player in training over a trivial matter. Since then, the manager no longer talks to Leandro, which is obviously not conducive to the atmosphere, not about the performance.”

De Zerby had earlier expressed his dissatisfaction with Trossard’s behaviour. “He knows very well that if he wants to play with me for Brighton, he has to work hard, he has to run, he has to be on the right path. We are not a big team like Real Madrid or Barcelona. We are Brighton and we need players who work like the others.”

“I don’t know what the problem is,” the manager added. “I want to be clear, I’m open with him to step back and listen to him but he has to understand with me, I only want players who work hard and play for the team 100%.”

Regarding the transfer, Zerbe said: “I don’t know about the transfer market, if he wants to change teams or not. It’s not my problem. I’m just a coach.”

Brighton has yet to provide an official response to Kuhmher’s statement. The Premier League club confirmed a new signing on Friday, after finalizing a deal to sign 20-year-old playmaker Facundo Buonanotte from Rosario Central.

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