TSV 1860: Gorenzel gives Köllner an ultimatum

Munich Michael Kollner is otherwise a very committed companion on his team’s training sessions. He loves to raise his voice, nod, and give active instructions. But on Tuesday, the lion tamer repeatedly went through phases when he seemed unusually calm for his standards. As a result of the current tense situation in TSV 1860? A sign that the 53-year-old works when thinking of solutions?

Quite possibly, because what happened in the Munich media’s mailboxes late in the afternoon was also a very clear message for the coach of the Six. Sporting director Gunther Gorenzel was silent for three days after the disappointing 1: 3 in Waldhof Mannheim, but then the Austrian became clear.

“I expect a clear reaction from the team and all the players in the particular situation.”

It can undoubtedly be understood as an ultimatum to the coach, which Gorenzel sent out at 5:13 p.m. “I expect a clear reaction from the team and all the players in a given situation,” he said unequivocally and in response to the sloppy start of the year.

Then came the equally clear message that his patience had clearly run out. “Everyone realizes that enough has been said, now only performance and results on the pitch matter.”

The club provided Gorenzel’s quotes with the explanation that “a thorough, critical and self-critical analysis by the management” showed “that Michael Kolner will also be on the sidelines against FSV Zwickau next Saturday”. On the one hand, Gurenzel and Mark-Nicolai Pfeiffer took responsibility for themselves, and on the other hand, there was no question of matches after that. The only thing that matters to the Lions is today’s match or no matches on Saturday at the sold out Grünwalder Stadium (live from 2pm on Magenta Sport and in A to Z Live Tape).

Stefan Lakes (left) is back in training with TSV 1860.

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1860 coach Michael Köllner faces more challenges than ever after his team's uninspired performance in Mannheim.

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Importance was also attached to the statement “that only the management of TSV 1860 Munich, and in particular the professional assessment of the sports director, decides on the structures of the professional team and the composition of the coach and the career team.” This means that influences on the part of a contributor, such as Hasan Ismaik, are indirect at best. Especially since the memo concluded declaring management’s gratitude for “the confidence placed in them and the support of both shareholders.”

The return of the second degree is demanded with all force

Gorenzel also made it clear that the return of the second division is still striving for it with all its might. The 51-year-old confirmed and also relied on “loud, positive support with this awareness (Reed’s note / enough has been said) and call for maximum performance, we can still achieve the goals set before the season.” Fans of Löwen, who have recently opposed Köllner on a broad front.

Finally, the statement also indicates that the bond between Gorenzel and Köllner is no longer as strong as in the past. The fact that Köllner’s outward displeasure before Holzhauser’s transfer should not be far-fetched. And this wasn’t the only topic on which divergent views have emerged recently.

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