Twitter co-founder Biz Stone says Elon is the wrong person for the social media app

Biz Stone looks at the laptop and makes a disgusted face.

Twitter co-founder Biz Stone returned to the site in 2017 to work on the site’s “culture” that also included Twitter’s moderation policies. Virtually all of this work has been undone by Elon Musk.
picture: Justin Sullivan (Getty Images)

Elon Musk is now getting hate, or at least some hedged quips, from one of the people who founded his favorite app, Blue Bird. said Biz Stone, co-founder of Twitter Watchman That Musk “didn’t seem [the right owner] to Twitter, but I could be wrong.”

Stone was one of four people who helped get the site out of its cradle. Besides Jack Dorsey, who will eventually become CEO before leaving the company entirely in 2022, there were also Noah Glass and Evan Williams. Stone left Twitter in 2011 however is back In 2017 to work on “the company culture, that energy, that feeling”. It turns out that this takes a lot of work on Twitter’s content moderation practices. The stone was often loudspeaker isolatedthough he did throw some outbursts, especially when he and his colleagues were criticized for how the social site promoted harassment and hate speech.

Spreading hate speech on the platform is a sensitive topic for Stone, so when Musk is Rore down trust and safety team, Reduce disinformation brokersAnd and allowed The main characters are on the far rightdisinformation spreaders, as well Explicit neo-Nazis Back on the podium, it is clear that she has touched a nerve.

He told The Guardian: “We’ve made a lot of improvements in those areas. Now that’s all gone.”

Well, it could be worse than that. bloomberg It was reported late Thursday based on a leaked internal message on Twitter that Elon Musk had directly ordered employees to block the account of a left-wing activist. Chad Lauder He is a well-known anti-fascist scholar who has covered the alt-right and was particularly instrumental in the January 6 investigationan apitol rebellion that led to the arrest of a member from afar-right ‘Western chauvinistsProud Boys Group. It was reportedly Musk asked directly by Andy Ngo, a Provocation of the rightAnd To take down the loader account.

Stone also criticized Musk for the nature of his pants when he banned speech he didn’t like. musk Briefly banned journalists from the platform along with an account that uses public information to track Musk’s private jet, though that account is now back online With a forced delay of 24 hours.

“You have to be okay with things that you don’t like or don’t approve of being there,” Stone told the Guardian.

He also criticized the way Musk called out Twitter employees with his targeted fake press calling the owner. Twitter files. These documents, which were published by many individuals including conservative commentators, did not become the bombshells he wanted, at least not in most mainstream media. Dorsey, for his part, has He simply asked Musk to release all the files to the public so that they can give whatever they want. This rather reasonable suggestion from a former CEO, which is likely why Musk canceled it.

The irony of all this is that Dorsey has been a vocal supporter of Musk’s purchase of Twitter. in Texts between the former and current CEO of TwitterDorsey talked about how Musk is moving the site away from being a “company” and toward a more decentralized “protocol”. Musk once asked Dorsey to be “very honest if there’s something stupid I do or don’t do.” Dorsey answered. “I trust you.” After Musk’s attacks on Twitter’s former management, Dorsey had to defend his former leadership of Especially with the company’s method Dealing with moderation. During his tenure, Musk has attacked many of Dorsey’s employees such as Former President of Trust and Safety Yoel Roth.

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