Tyler Reddick joins Sam Hunt Racing for the limited Xfinity schedule

Kyle Bush And Tyler Reddick – One of the highlights of the season – They are starting their first days on track with their new teams this week.

Bush and Redick Austin Cendrick Take a tire test on Monday and Tuesday at the Circuit of the Americas. The session was Busch’s first official lap with the Richard Childress Racing Team. It was also Reddick’s first lap with the 23XI Racing team.

Busch, a two-time Cup champion, is joining RCR after spending the last 15 seasons at Joe Gibbs Racing. The lack of care led to his relocation.

He took over the No. 8 Chevrolet that Riddick drove last year. Reddick has signed a contract to join 23XI Racing in 2024 however He was let go a year early with Busch taking his place at RCR.

Busch is heading into this season having won at least one Cup race in each of the past 18 seasons, tying him with Richard Petty for the all-time record in Cup history.

Busch, who estimated he ran 200 laps during the two days of the 3.41-mile road course in Austin, Texas, was pleased with the session.

“I had a lot of fun,” he told NBC Sports. “He was able to work with the guys and got really good contact, gave good feedback and had this opportunity to have a dialogue about ‘Let’s do this. ‘” Let’s do it. Let’s try this. What do you think of this?’

“(He was) able to talk about the car in ways I’m used to and have them hear me describe things in certain ways, so they can get a better understanding, where as you go, you can say fewer words and they get what you say.”

Reddick said the session was helpful for settling into the No. 45 Toyota.

The course has also proven valuable to Toyota as it seeks to improve its performance on the road courses. Riddick He won at Road America And Indianapolis road course Last year can provide basic feedback for Toyota.

The factory struggled in its first five road courses last season – twice failing to secure a driver finish in 12th. Charlotte Roval outfits Christopher Bell.

Reddick told NBC Sports that the goal in the session was to “try to close the gap that Toyota feels like it did to Chevys and some of the other competition last year on the road courses. I think we made some wins, but for sure, we’re going to work hard on that.”

2. More tests in January

Major regulation testing takes place on Tuesday and Wednesday at Phoenix Raceway.

The cars to be tested are those from Ross ChastainAnd Brad KeselowskiAnd Christopher BellAnd Joey LoganoAnd Eric Jones And Ricky Stenhouse Jr

Elton Sawyer, He was recently promoted to Senior Vice President of Competitiveness at NASCARHe said Thursday on SiriusXM NASCAR Radio that the sanctioning body will look at several things, including changes that could help racing on short tracks.

While racing on medium tracks was viewed positively last year, drivers were critical of racing on short tracks and how difficult the passes were.

Sawyer said the sanctioning body will look into some changes to the bottom of the car.

Scott Graves, Crew Chief for Chris Bucher RFK Racing told NBC Sports that NASCAR will be testing some changes to the underbody of the car. These changes came from the Garage 56 effort.

This is the specially modified Camaro that will be running at this year’s 24 Hours of Le Mans. marking NASCAR’s return to the event for the first time in nearly 50 years. Hendrick Motorsports is preparing the car in a joint effort with Chevrolet, Goodyear and NASCAR.

“Some of the things they’re learning[are]starting to fall on our side,” Graves said of the Garage 56. “They did a few things on the lower body.

“Since NASCAR is looking to make short tracks in particular a little better, we’re trying to be less dependent on the outside body with an aero and get more of it with the bottom—with the theory that it will be less affected by traffic.”

A look at the undercarriage of the 2022 NASCAR Cup car. (Photo: Dustin Long)

Graves said the plan is for the rear spoiler to be smaller in the Phoenix test with the lower part of the car generating more downforce for the car. NASCAR is also looking to better channel the air under the car with the publisher.

Greaves explained how having more downforce to the car being generated underneath could affect racing:

“When you look at the lap times, the guys at the front have a huge advantage, but when they get to the back of the pack they’re running just as fast.

“That’s what everyone in the group does the whole race, they run at the same speed and they have a hard time getting around each other. Hopefully this helps with some of that, as it doesn’t depend so much on the outside body. You get into turbulent air, sloppy air (in motion) Traffic) the outside body (the antenna on) really disappears. The theory is that the bottom part still has that air underneath the car, so it’ll keep it a little better.”

3. Two Kyles double runs?

Kyle Larson will attempt to compete in the Indianapolis 500 and Coca-Cola 600 on the same day in 2024driving in Indianapolis for the Arrow McLaren.

Could Kyle Bosh join him? Bosh has expressed interest in doing the double as well – something his brother Kurt did in 2014.

“I think it’s great that Kyle (Larson) was able to do it early on and pull it off himself to run the Indy 500 in 2024,” Busch told NBC Sports.

“I wasn’t very lucky (in the past). We had some kind of deals there, almost up until the signing stage I think you would say. It just didn’t really materialize. Teams got other deals that were more important to them and they didn’t want to give me the chance, or they didn’t want to.” In going from three cars to four cars, whatever it is.

“There were a lot of discussions behind the scenes, but nothing came of it. I would say our industry, both NASCAR and IndyCar, is short on people, has the right number of people and good people to go and do these projects. Yeah, you can do it and go to Circles and runs, but the question is will it be a winning bid. That’s just the reason it never materializes.”

When asked if he felt like the door was closed for him to run the Indy 500, Busch said, “Yeah, I would say 2023, the door is closed. I would say 2024, with Kyle (Larson) announcing, close the door because this is probably about the only team.” Who can do that. Given the nature of who he’s racing with, but only with other teams trying to stretch too thin and not have enough people. Again it’s about the people part. So you just never know. See what happens.”

4. Looking to the future

As NASCAR celebrates its 75th season, it’s an opportunity to look back on its many memorable moments on and off the track.

One of the most recent memorable events was Video gamer Ross Chastain moves on the final lap of last fall’s Martinsville Extension race. Chastain drove his car into the wall and accelerated five cars to gain enough places to advance to the championship race.

When NASCAR celebrates its 100th season and more to come, Chastain’s move will likely be among those memorable moments.

“I’m proud to have been able to make a wave that will only last beyond 2022 or just beyond that,” Chastain told NBC Sports. “There are probably people who will learn about me because of that. I’m good with that. I’m proud of that.”

“I don’t think it will ever happen again. I don’t think it will pay the bounty that it paid us. I hope I’ve come to 35 years old to answer someone’s question on the subject, and I still may not have a good answer as to why it works, or why I did that “.

5. Celebrate

NASCAR is taking time tonight to honor its past and induct three people into the NASCAR Hall of Fame.

Former Cup Champion Matt KensethAnd Hershel McGriff and former champion Crew Chief Kirk Shelmer Aldeen He will be inducted as Class 13 into the Hall of Fame. NASCAR CEO Mike Hilton will receive the Landmark Award for Outstanding Contributions. Photographer T. Taylor Warren will be honored with a Squier-Hall Award for NASCAR Media Excellence.

The ceremony airs at 8 p.m. ET on Peacock.

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