UnitedHealth Group advertises free behavioral health training

UnitedHealth Group (NYSE: NYSE) has given select health insurance members free access to virtual behavioral health training.

The company announced Thursday that some commercial health insurance members got the service on January 1, 2023. The move affects 5 million members on fully insured plans. According to a press release, self-insured employers may purchase access to the service.

The Minnetonka, Minnesota-based health insurance, Medicare and Health Services group offers commercial health insurance through its United Healthcare division.

“UnitedHealthcare understands the intrinsic link between behavioral health and physical health, and is dedicated to integrating behavioral health into medical care,” said Dr. Rhonda Randall, UnitedHealthcare’s chief medical officer, in the release. “With 1 in 5 Americans affected by a mental illness during a given year, it is important for us to offer a range of low-intensity support programs to those who need them, with the goal of helping address accessibility and affordability challenges.”

Optum, the services division of UnitedHealth Group, will provide the training service. Specifically, you’ll do this with AbleTo’s digital behavioral health service.

The coaching program supports members experiencing mild depression, stress, and anxiety through an eight-week program. Coaches will interact with members via one-on-one video chats or audio-only visits once a week and via messaging within the AbleTo app.

The application will also provide content and tools. The statement states that the coaches are not licensed mental health care providers. It will be supervised by licensed service providers.

Optum has several behavioral health assets. These assets include Refresh Mental Health, the second largest provider of outpatient mental health in the United States, as well as AbleTo.

News of Optum’s acquisition of Refresh Mental Health broke in March 2022. It was Decisive deal of the year It was estimated to include more than a billion dollars.

In June, Optum High AbleTo CEO Trip Hoffer To the CEO of Behavioral Health Solutions, OptumHealth. He. She AbleTo In the spring of 2020.

UnitedHealthcare’s behavioral health provider network totals 500,000, including 125,000 virtual caregivers.

Reportedly, so is UnitedHealth Group biggest employer of doctors in the United States

Across divisions, UnitedHealth Group strives to better integrate its services and the many aspects of healthcare in the United Kingdom more convenient. This includes integrating behavioral health into its clinical, insurance and service offerings The name of value-based care.

On top of managing its current offering, United Health Group’s merger and acquisition activity innovation efforts Make it a vital player in the field of behavioral health.

In September, Walmart Inc. announced. (NYSE: WMT) and UnitedHealth Group for Launching a value-based care initiative Includes 15 Walmart Health locations and many services, including behavioral health.

UnitedHealth Group isn’t the only drive turning its attention to behavioral health. Cigna’s (NYSE: CI) health services company Evernorth has doubled its size Behavioral Health Network in the past five years. It also has deals with a number of digital behavioral health providers including a substance use disorders company cycling health.

CVS Health (Nasdaq: CVS) has also made behavioral health a key to its larger strategy. Recently I invested in a digital provider Behavioral health group.

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