Unpacking the form about a wild booze night

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Prince Harry has built a reputation as the “Prince of the Party” by partying excessively.Bild: AP/Kirsty Wigglesworth


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Sex stories with the elderly Thin And an uncomfortable detail about his penis — Prince Harry puts a lot on the table in his book. No wonder the Duke of Sussex’s diary is on everyone’s lips right now.

wild one story From the times when Harry was still unmarried and cemented the reputation of the party prince at that time, however, he did not get into the scandalous book of the Duke of Sussex. Model Nicola McClain shares this to the British daily The Mirror.

January 10, 2023, Berlin:

In his book “Reserve,” Prince Harry makes a fuss about the British monarchy.Photo: dpa/Jens Kalaene

Prince Harry was up close to people at parties

Nicola MacLean is a London TV and media personality speaking to the Daily Gazette’womanMcClain recalls Prince Harry’s tumultuous years, and more specifically, McClain recalls the 30th birthday party for English rugby star James Haskell in 2015, just a year before the Duke of Sussex met his wife-to-be. Prince Harry was also part of the party, which the model claims he admitted belatedly, despite a large security presence.

Known for his uninhibited way of partying, Prince William’s brother has lived up to his reputation And Nicola McClain was able to try out that evening. Above all, she remembered Harry’s fun way of being “just one of the boys.”

Harry finally gets into conversation with Nicola McClain’s husband, former football player Tom Williams, about their shared affair with Las Vegas. What a relaxed and humble son of King Charles III. He gave, made a strong impression on the model. “He hasn’t watched what he drinks so he can remain a professional or a royalNicola McClain said to herself, “I really liked him.”

It is said that Prince Harry drank alcohol “like an animal”.

“Tequila was definitely Harry’s favorite drink,” she said. The prince drank alcohol “like an animal.” Overview of how much joking Today, Duchess Meghan’s husband obtained the following statement from the 41-year-old:

“We drank so much tequila we literally ran out of it. Then Harry and Tom tried to figure out a way to sneak in and get more. Security wouldn’t let us out but they were all too willing to go into the store.”

FILE - A montage of the front pages of Britain's national newspapers on October 22, 2004, depicting Prince Harry's altercation with a photographer outside a nightclub in central London, early ...

At parties, Prince Harry regularly went to the sea.Photo: Associated Press/Adam Butler

Nicola McClain also admitted that she had a drink or two because of her thirst that night. She even put herself in an awkward position: “I was very drunk and fell into a forest when I was walking,” said the supermodel. “I was trying to pull myself upstairs and I said to myself, ‘My husband Tom doesn’t see that I’m drunk.'”

It wasn’t her husband who freed her from this situation – as he feared – but: Prince Harry. “[Er] He reached out and pulled me. I said, “Don’t tell Tom” and we laughed our heads off.

The 41-year-old is finding it hard to assess whether the prince still lives such a party-loving lifestyle today, after all, she met him “before he met Meghan.” “But he was a really nice guy,” says Nicola MacLean.

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