Usain Bolt appears to be the victim of a million dollar scam

Hr is a world record holder, has won eight olympic gold medals and has made a lot of money throughout his career. However, a few days ago Usain Bolt He realized for the first time that a large part of him had mysteriously disappeared from his account with a Jamaican financial advisory firm. Press reports on Al Jazeera talk about a loss equivalent to 9.5 million euros. The state’s financial regulator is now investigating.

An employee at Stocks & Securities Ltd. It appears that Bolt is only one of the 30 victims, among whom is said to be a Member of Parliament. However, the former track and field athlete is the first to bring his case to the public.

Bolt’s track record as an investor isn’t great

According to the Jamaica Observer, a suspected financial advisor was questioned by the police fraud squad last week. There she is said to have explained that she used the money to cover the medical expenses of a family member who had to be treated abroad.

By the way, apart from this scam, Bolt’s track record as an investor doesn’t look great. For example, Miami-based e-bike rental company Bolt Mobility, which he co-founded, abruptly and inexplicably shut down operations in several cities across the US last summer, leaving city governments with bikes at public collection points and charging stations.

Not a recipe for success: Usain Bolt is on

Not a recipe for success: Usain Bolt on the “Bolt Electric Scooter”

Photo: Reuters

A small electric car project called the Bolt Nano with room for two, which he presented at an exhibition in Paris in 2019, has never gone beyond the prototype development stage.

After all, the 36-year-old has made progress in his musical ambitions. Bolt released his debut album, Country Yutes, in 2021 alongside his manager, Nugent Walker. He told the London newspaper The Sun that he plans to hold live concerts with British artists. However, this project also falters. After all, there is a legacy YouTube video with Bolt as extras. It got more than 1.5 million clicks.

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