Use these tactics to get the best deal on a gym membership this January

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If you don’t get close to getting your new January gym membership with the same mindset You may use it for a car Agency Negotiation, maybe you don’t get something good enough Deal. January is Black Friday gym membersThighsand you need to strategize accordingly and enter with a plan: You need to know what you want before you go searching If you want to come out a winner.

Unfortunately, there are many tricks and strategies practiced by gyms at the time Signing of the contract that – that, If you are not aware of it, it may come back to bite you in the ass. Here’s what you need to know.

Shop around

Just like you do with dealerships, you have to visit several gyms in your area. You can even “test drive” the gyms because many of them will offer free trials, usually for Seven days, so you can see how long it feels like to stick to the gymterm. Is commuting from work or home sustainable? Do people lift weights on the stands? Are the bathrooms clean? Find out what it is important to you and find it. You probably won’t find a gym that ticks all your boxes, but you can come close.

Anticipate deals

As mentioned, January is the hottest month For gyms — THey they will compete with each other to get your business. You are a hot commodity, so Do not sell yourself short. If your gym doesn’t offer discount rates or waives the subscription fee, take your squats to the next gym. Look for specials that will last the life of the membership if you sign an annual contract (Although the We will examine why we do not recommend these). Some gyms can also offer additional benefits, such as letting you use saunas or massage machines for a limited time for free. The goal is negotiation. Don’t be afraid to ask Things are not It is announced. Gyms are flexible and dispensable special privileges. You can even bCall a friend along The negotiating table for playing good cop and bad cop.

Don’t fall for cheap tricks

Some gyms try to get cute and offer “free food” to impress potential members. You might even walk into a pizza party when you try to go negotiate; just remember that nothing in life is free. When a gym offers “free food, all those expenses are being passed on to the members, so you’ll be paying for them once you sign up. Just like you’d say at work: Save the party and put that money on a raise—in this case, a better deal—instead.

Consider month-to-month contracts

Unless you’re a seasoned pro at going to the gym (in which case you probably wouldn’t be reading this article), a month-to-month membership is often a better deal—especially if it’s your first time. Many people hope the financial commitment of signing a yearlong membership deal will motivate them to go for a whole year. Unfortunately, that’s not how most humans work. If you’re having a hard time going to the gym, find other methods of motivation that don’t end up hurting you financially. Inviting a friend to be your gym buddy is not only great for accountability, but for motivation as well (and a two-for-one package might give you more leeway in the negotiation table). Not to mention, a year is a long time full of unpredictable surprises. Remember back when we went into 2020 believing it will be a better year? yes.

It took place at the end of January

All the procrastinators hoping to change your ways this year by hitting the gym are all for the better. Best time to sign up for membership Actually the End of the month when gyms try to fill their monthly quotas and be more flexible with deals. This puts you At an advantage at the negotiating table, the gym will be more inclined to acquiesce to your requirements. For example, if the contract requires a cancellation fee, negotiate out of it, or for it Shorter contract periods, a cheaper monthly rate, Or whatever makes it a sweeter deal for you.

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