Verena Kerth is causing quite a stir

Verena Kerth

Before the start of the show, Verena Kerth decided to take an unusual instagram/verena kerth

Jungle camp

Laura Schieble

Twelve candidates and a lot of arguments, stress and tears await them fans From “I’m a Celebrity – Get Me Out of Here!” again this year. Two luxuries allowed stars Choose in advance those who can make their stay in the forest as pleasant as possible.

Emphasis on “can”. Because in the nearly 20 years of the show, some participants have opted for useful luxury items, like a sleep mask or earplugs. On the other hand, others used exotic items.

For example, actor Helmut Berger sat with him on the toilet in 2013, Hanka Rakowitz relied on a food storage container in 2017, and reality star Matthias Mangiapan took his deceased mother-in-law’s ashes to camp as a talisman. the following year.

Also this year, some stars delivered a surprise when choosing their luxury items — even presenter Verena Kerth caused quite a stir.

Verena Kerth works without the fancy elements of the jungle

“Have we ever had that?” Ask moderators Julian FM Stoeckel and Inken Wriedt In the official podcast of RTL+ jungle camp. Because Verena Kerth confirms the rumors about luxury items once again: She’s going to camp without one of the two allowed items. “Either all or not at all. Black or white. Gray does not exist.”, she explained before the show began on her Instagram story. “What I need in the woods is Mark Terenzi, but I can’t take him with me.” And besides: what good is her lipstick in the forest, put it in the room.

However, some stars see things differently. Julian FM Stoeckl also told an episode of the podcast with Verena Kerth that he at least took a cream of color with him to look good in interviews.

Verena Kerth and Mark Terenzi have been married for several months now.  He also accompanies her in Australia.

Verena Kerth and Mark Terenzi have been married for several months now. He also accompanies her in Australia.Photo: dpa / Felix Hörhager

Tessa Bergmeier doesn’t want to shine

Tessa Bergmeier also relies on a little freshness on her forest face. Travel to the Australian jungle with powder and a pillow. However, this does not protect them from some disgusting tasks. Because the model has been a vegetarian since childhood and therefore does not want to break her decision in the jungle. In a pinch, you also risk going back to camp with no points before it the animals Should eat.

Claudia Effenberg places double value on her hairstyle

Claudia Effenberg has similar thoughts about her looks. She’s just not yet with her hairstylist, Tim Matte Australia I travelled. As a luxury item, the 57-year-old chose a hair band. The designer recently revealed that Tim Mathé actually gave her tips for the perfect styling in the woods Instagram.

Claudia Effenberg spends the final hours before the show performing with Tim Matthy.

Claudia Effenberg spends the final hours before the show performing with Tim instagram/claudia effenberg

Markus Mörl decides what are probably the most useless items

It seems like the perfect hairstyle is a big topic in the jungle this year. Because many stars take the appropriate styling products with them. Jolina Mennen relies on curl-and-cushion care, like Gigi Birofio, who travels to the woods with hair wax and a pillow.

Singer Marcus Morel also takes pomade for his hair. But his second luxury item is more likely to cause a stir: he takes a dummy cell phone with him. Before the show, he said interview With RTL already he must lose his mobile phone in particular. “Maybe it’s not so bad sometimes. It’s like a period of fasting. If you can be called 24 hours a day, it’s exhausting,” said the musician. However, he is undecided as to what he intends to do with the doll.

Can Vaseline and the Little Snake Help You Win?

Unlike Marcus Morel, Lucas Cordalis decided on particularly useful things. He takes sleeping goggles and earplugs with him. Cosimo Citiolo also tactically chose a cushion and deodorant.

However, the objects of the other participants should be as curious as a mobile doll: Jana Palasque can’t do without her leopard lotion, and the mystical and Cecilia Assuru objects are at least questionable. She takes a box of wet wipes and Vaseline in the woods.

Babys Loveday should never feel lonely. He takes a picture of his mother at camp and his baby snake, Renata. He tried to overcome his fear of real snakes in advance and be optimally prepared for the jungle.

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