Viewers were outraged by the guests in Jurgen Drews’ “Schlagerabschied” with Florian Silberisen

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On Saturday (January 14), the premiere is Jürgen Drews’ “A Wonderful Farewell”. The successful show was presented and organized by Florian Silbereisen. But the guest list is causing trouble.

LEIPZIG – The MDR is putting on another big show on German TV with superstar Jurgen Drews (77) at the weekend. In Florian Silbereisen’s “Schlagerabschied” show, “The King of Mallorca” must be shown on the big stage for the last time. But now, of all things, the guest list of the hit show on ARD is causing problems for fans.

Florian Silbereisen’s guest list is once again causing frustration among Schlager fans

Because: Florian Silberisen He hardly called the singer Mallorca Druze’s companions. On the contrary: the following names are on the guest list when saying goodbye to the bat:

List of invitees in
The guest list for Jürgen Drews’ “Farewell to Success” upsets some famous fans. © Imago Images
  • » Thomas Anders
  • » Mighty Kelly
  • » bin sugar
  • » Roland Kaiser
  • » Beatrice is
  • » Andrew Gabalier
  • » Andy Borg
  • » Anna Maria Zimmerman
  • » Bernard Brink
  • » Melissa Nashinwing
  • » Ross Anthony
  • » Marian Rosenberg
  • » Mickey Krause
  • » wasp

Schlager’s fans immediately noticed that none of Jürgen Drews’ comrades were invited right away. So for example B- the members of the band “The Others”. Also known as Apocalypse, Kannibal Komix and The Others, the band consisted of Jürgen Drews, Ralf Lipsch, Enrico Lombardi and Gerd Müller-Schwanke. The band existed from 1966 to 1969.

Where are there companions like the Les Humhpries singers or the others in the Schlagerabschied?

Many Schlager fans were certainly expecting members of the “Lee Humphreys Singers”. Or colleagues from ZDF hit the show period. But none of the highlights of Jürgen Drews’ successful career is on the guest list for Silbereisen’s show. why?

“There really is a lack of diversity,” criticizes Schlager fan Andreas Lachner in a Facebook post. He alludes to the frequent claim in Florian Silberisen’s shows: the same guests are always invited. Plus, the hit fan is annoyed: “Unfortunately recordings only, the show was recorded three months ago and again at the MDR studio.”

“Broadcasts with Silbereisen just got boring”

Schlager fan Heinrich Moser criticizes “Schlager – Exclusive Insider Information”: “The programs with Silbereisen have become very boring and are like one egg in another.” But despite the huge disappointment of the fans, MDR sticks to her guest list.

Schlager fans hope Jürgen Drews bids a sweet farewell on TV. The ‘King of Mallorca’ is looking forward to the time after his successful run. “Because I am at an age where others have long since retired, I said to myself: ‘Dear Uncle Jürgen, it will be fine one day.’” […] I’m going without a puff, I’ve got Ramona, said Drews on “The Big Schlagerstand Party.”

Florian Silberisen’s ratings crashed shortly before Christmas

The big farewell party will be on ARD on January 14, 2023 at 8:15 p.m. on the 1st. Will the same guests at Florian Silbereisen have a negative impact on ARD’s performances? Another scene that raises speculation: Florian Silberisen and Beatrice Egli were close to each other in their “knockout farewell”. Sources used:,

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