Water’s Way to Rule MLK Weekend Box Office – Deadline

Friday afternoon: As expected, Disney/20th Century Studios/Lightstorm’s Avatar: Water Road Still number one again in its fifth weekend with MLK for four days $35 million distance $7 million Friday, -39% in 4,045 locations. 3 days seems to be just around the corner $27M-$28M-40%.

This will lead to a James Cameron sequel $566.7 million at the domestic box office by Monday EOD, pass The Dark Knight ($534.9 million) and Jon Favreau the king lion ($543.6 million), becoming the thirteenth-highest-grossing film of all time in the United States and Canada. By Monday, the movie will be in theaters for 32 days. At that time a year ago, Spider-Man: No way home has already crossed the threshold of $700 million.

Avatar 2 It has all the premium formats (Dolby, Imax, and PLFs) back this weekend. They’ll give up the Dolby lounges when M. Night Shyamalan is from Universal Ring in the cabin Hits theaters February 3.

The second power up is Universal/Atomic Monster/Blumhouse’s M3GAN With 5 million dollars Second Friday, -57%, 3 days from $17.5 million-42%, and 4 days from $20.7 million Taking the total 11 day pic run to $59.2M.

Puss in Boots: Last Wish

Puss in Boots: Last Wish

Universal Pictures/Collection Courtesy of Everett

Universal also has the bragging rights with it Puss in Boots: Last Wish In 3,641 theaters: The DreamWorks Animation title will pass the century mark by Monday $105.9 million. friday fourth pic is $2.4 million-29% 3 days $10 million (-26%) and 4 days $13M.

A man called Otto

Mariana Treviño and Tom Hanks in ‘A man called Otto

Columbia Pictures

A promising sign this weekend: Sony A man called Otto It’s looking to beat its $8 million forecast for 4 Days and provide a pulse for old sewing movies. Pic Friday has expanded to 3,802 theaters $3.4 million With a forward looking third $11 million – $12 million over four days. The pic appears to be running by Monday $18.2M. This is much better than it is Babylon I Did It on Christmas 4 Day Vacation ($3.6M) and Tri-Star/Compelling Pictures/Black Label Media’s I wanna Dance With Somebody ($4.7 million). It’s always been loved by audiences on Rotten Tomatoes Otto Better than Critics, 97% to 69% Fresh. The film cost $50 million before P&A, with co-financing from SF and TSG.


(LR) Daniela Pineda, Gerard Butler and Joson Ann in “Airplane”

Kenneth Rexach

The fifth belongs to Lionsgate airplane who is looking at $3M Friday, $9.5 million 4 days, the latter within her expectations. Gerard Butler’s surname companies are Universal Ambulance Which recorded 3 days worth of $8.7 million. airplane Ranges between $8.4 million – $8.9 million more than 3 days. The last notable pre-pandemic meat-and-potatoes early winter movie was Guy Ritche Gentleman which opened at $10.6 million and traded in January 2020 to a 3.4 multiple of STX with a value of $36.4 million.

“A Man Called Otto” and “Airplane”

Everett group

Friday morning: On a wintry Thursday, James Cameron is still ruling it out Avatar: Water RoadTom Hanks Sony Drama A man called Otto and Lionsgate’s Gerard Butler Action pic, airplanehe sought early starts at $635,000 and $625,000, respectively.

This is the thing, technically speaking, Otto He’s Richer: If you factor in the $420,000 from 637 theaters directed by Marc Forster on Thursday, the pic made $1.06 million yesterday. However, Sony will count the preview evening’s cash from 2,493 theaters (which had showtimes starting at 2pm yesterday) toward Otto Friday. Otto It expands to 3,800 locations. The total previews of the Pic playing sans in two weeks is $6.2 million.

Neither Otto no airplane Looking to dominate 4-day MLK weekend with projections of $8M each and $7M-$10M as Disney/20th/Lightstorm’s Avatar: Water Road He looks forward to the lead with $35 million. airplane Two sets of previews on Wednesday and Thursday which started at 7 p.m. The Butler pic is booked in 3,023 theaters. Avatar 2 It ended its fourth week with nearly $60 million in 4,340 halls for a total of $531.7 million. Avatar 2 All Films topped yesterday with $2.92 million, down -8% from Wednesday.

Universal / Bloom House / Atomic Monster M3GAN First week at 3,509 locations ends with $38.5 million after Thursday’s $1.67 million, -6% from Wednesday. The pic is nearly 400 thousand dollars from ScreamThe first week earned $38.9 million last year.

Warner Bros. release Theatrical release of the previous HBO Max New Line title house party It’ll round out its preview numbers from last night to the weekend total. The PIC at 1,300 locations is expected to be in the mid single digits.

Universal/DreamWorks Animation’s Puss in Boots: Last Wish At 3919, it made $1.08M on Thursday, down -5% from Wednesday, a third week of $18.3M and a working $92.9M.


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