We need a new PSP, Sony!

The Switch is living proof: the mobile market is far from dead, and yet Sony abandoned mobile consoles after the Vita debacle — which is a massive shame. Because I miss PSP terribly and think it’s time to go back.

Robert Kohlik’s comment:

PlayStation Portable: Sony’s PSP was great

When it comes to consoles, I’ve always been a mixed bag. As a young kid I battled my way through the Top 4 in the Game Boy in Pokémon Blue, as a young teen I ran around Manhattan as Spider-Man on the PS2 and took care of my dogs in Nintendogs on the DS. I have incredibly fond memories of all these stages of play in my childhood, But none of the consoles fascinated me like the PSP during my school days Mainly because of the great technology!

While I had to be content with gritty pixel slush on the DS, the graphics on the PSP looked crisp and beautiful at the time. How did Sony manage to pack so much power into such a small device? I was blown away!

One PSP memory that sticks in my mind to this day: For the entire school year, we always had two free periods between classes on Tuesdays. For me and my friends, that meant a quick trip to the grocery store for energy drinks and potato chips, and then we settled into the school building. We each pulled out our PSP, started Call of Duty: Roads to Victory or GTA: Vice City Stories and tried to take down the others. It was magical!

The handheld was my trusted companion, and I pulled through the short 5-minute pause to continue fighting my way through Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII.

Better than a smartphone? PSP was a real revolution

But the PSP served me not only as a game console, It was a true multimedia marvel And almost something like my first smartphone. Thanks to the WLAN, I was able to browse Facebook via the built-in browser, and with a few tricks, I was even able to watch YouTube videos. And if you have the right conversion software and a few “digital backups” of your favorite movies lying around, you can also download them to your PSP and watch on the go – the thing was a real multi-level!

With a little “software modification”, the mobile device can also be used Great to use as a portable emulator. At least that’s what I was told by a friend of a distant relative…

Also interesting: PPSSPP: PlayStation Portable emulator for Android

The PS Vita was a failure, but you shouldn’t care!

The PSP has gone through the counter about 81 million timesWhile the PS Vita only sold 16.2 million units. But in all honesty, Sonny, that was entirely your fault. The PS Vita has great hardware and great features – but Sony forgot the most important thing: games! There wasn’t a single reason for us gamers to buy this amazing piece of technology with an OLED touchscreen, 6-axis gyro sensors and a touchpad on the back.

Endless features, but really good games for PS Vita were in short supply – you can already guess that in the official trailer:

Official PlayStation Vita announcement announcement

With a little more commitment and perseverance, the PS Vita could have blossomed into a real bestseller in my opinion. But what is not, can still become! So, I ask you Sony on behalf of all the PSP and PS Vita fans: Don’t give up the fight against Nintendo. You’ve proven once before that you have what it takes to take on the mobile king!

In the meantime, I’ll try to get my PSP out of my dad’s attic again – the final boss of Crisis Core has been waiting for me to finally smash his face for over 10 years!

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