Werder Bremen advance after disgrace in Cologne: Marco Friedel’s sixth row!

1:7! SV Werder Bremen faced an absolute disaster against 1. FC Köln in the first Bundesliga match of 2023 and also deservedly lost on the rise. Players in individual review – with scores.

Jerry Pavlenka: The watchman was not envied, because his sleepy forehead completely let him down. His daring save attempt landed almost on the halfway line on Cologne’s Teges, who scored 3-0 from 46.7 metres. In fact, not a single shot can be defused. Note 4

Niklas Stark (up to 59): He had the advantage over Amos Pieper and lacked the necessary aggressiveness in key moments – such as before 0:2 and 0:4 when he did not prevent crosses from Kainz and Maina. Note 5

Milos Velikovich: Too far from the opponent, he looked almost like flanking protection, just not at 0:5. He unfortunately deflected the shot at 0:2. Note 5

‘We took the leaps’ – the votes on Werder Bremen’s embarrassment against 1. FC Cologne!

Werder Bremen scores against 1. FC Cologne: Marco Friedel own goal and bad fouls

Marco Friedel: A very bad evening for the captain! After a good start, he let himself be drowsy by his teammates and then fell short of 0:5. Just like the 1:6 when Maina danced it. To top it all off, he also scored a goal himself to make it 1:7. Note 6

Mitchell Weiser: Actually very active on the right side, but very flawed – as before 0: 3, who started with a loss of the ball. Also guilty at 0:4 for attacking Maina half-heartedly, as often on the defensive. His stunning spectator turn in 1:6 scale matches that. Note 6

Christian Gross (up to 46): When he was six years old, he wanted to clean up in front of the defense, but his duels are always a risky game. Sometimes that works well, sometimes it isn’t. This does not exactly guarantee stability in the center. At least not with the really big bugs. Note 4,5

Werder Bremen scores against 1. FC Köln: Anthony Young lost completely

Anthony Jung (86 repeats): Bad start in the Bundesliga! He was heavily involved in the first two goals conceded as a poor pass station with a loss of possession. After that, it seemed that he was hit hard on the left side. Note 6

Leonardo Bettencourt (64 repeats): Looks like he really wants to show off his former club. With that he ran into the open knife. Because he was stuck in his advance and thus started dangerous counterattacks. Note 5

Ilia Grove: The entire game ran in the eighth inning of the first inning, and he couldn’t find any reach at all. It didn’t really get any better after halftime when I was six. Note 5,5

Marvin Dusch (up to 46): What an unfortunate performance! His trick of poorly executed free kicks started at 0:1, and his poor pass to Kainz 0:2. In addition, he is almost ineffective up front because he could not assert himself at all. After all, his corner led to 1:5. Note 5,5

Werder Bremen in the scores after defeat against 1. FC Köln: Niclas Füllkrug scores, but plays unfortunately

Nicklas pitcher: His 11th goal of the season will give him a little relief. He was clearly keen on structure and scoring risk, but things didn’t go well for him either. Note 4

Niclas Schmidt (from 46th place): The people of Cologne greeted him with harsh treatment, and after that he was never to be seen. Note 5

Erin Dinky (AP. 46): He adapted to the poor form of his teammates and was unable to assert himself in attack. Note 5

Amos Pepper (AP 59): Match drills were allowed to collect, and they’re not entirely unimportant for the next mission on Wednesday. Note 4

Janes stage (AB 64): The Dane also had to play in the middle of the disaster. rank –

Lee Buchanan (AP. 86): Use for statistics. rank –

Follow-up to the previous message:

Line-up vs 1. FC Köln: This is what SV Werder Bremen’s starting eleven could look like!

Update (Jan 21, 5:30 PM): Now it is Lined up affiliate SV Werder Bremen there! Coach Ole Werner doesn’t let Amos Pieper in starting from eleven Started. first eleven vs 1. FC Cologne You can find in live tape!

Bremen – Steffen Baumgart just did it and established his position 1. FC Cologne For the home game on Saturday vs SV Werder Bremen Reveal in advance. Not only was his Bremen teammate Uli Werner surprised by this. He was not going to do such a thing, so he declared. There are starting from eleven From SV Werder when the Bundesliga restarted was no surprise either.

in git SV Werder Bremen Stand course Jerry Pavlenka, who was already in very good shape in the 1-0 stress test win over Schalke 04 a week ago. Milos Veljkovic (center) and Marko Friedel (left) in the center of defence. there Amos Pepper He was present at the last training session normally after ankle problemsmust be in primer Starting XI lineup As a right-wing central defender in preference to Niklas Stark. Pieper looks more solid and resolute than the previous Berlin.

Werder Bremen exhibition against 1. FC Köln: Ilia Gruev should replace Romano Schmid in the starting line-up

Mitchell Weiser (right) and Anthony Jung (left) on the wings Werder Bremen Still unrivaled. It’s more exciting in midfield – but only slightly. After losing Romano Schmid (knee injury in training camp) trusts Ollie Werner A week ago in Schalke Lined up The duo J. Christian Gross and Elijah Groff, as well as Leonardo Bettencourt. Overall, they did a good job together. For Jens Stage and Niklas Schmidt, there is only the Joker role for now.

And in the foreground starting from eleven? There are only two answers: Niklas Filling Jug And Marvin Dukes. Must Werder Bremen For the first win in 1. FC Cologne After more than 17 years. At that time, the green team won 4-1. Miroslav Klose put up a brace, as did Johan Michaud and Naldo scoring. (knee)

This is the possible start for SV Werder Bremen against 1. FC Köln.

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