Werder Bremen happy with friendly win but not ready for 1. FC Köln!

Gelsenkirchen – As Uli Werner stood in front of the press after a 1-0 (1-0) win over FC Schalke 04, the SV Werder Bremen coach smiled contentedly. “It was exactly what we wanted – an eye-level test against a team that also plays against us in the Bundesliga. It felt like a real football match, so we got used to the spectacle that awaits us in Cologne next week. Even if it’s not so full now, of course.”

After all, almost 19,000 spectators came to the Veltins Arena – including 500 green and white fans. And they saw it SV Werder Bremen – As in the league – more and more mature than that above all Schalke 04 club he. In the end, he even had to put up with the whistles of his supporters. but also with them Bremen ruled after the victory Niklas Filling Jug Fired in the fourth minuteNot just sunlight.

Werder Bremen win friendly against Schalke 04: Coach Uli Werner sees plenty of room for improvement

“The first half was actually quite reasonable in terms of operations, but at times we were a bit careless in scoring. The intensity also showed that we still needed the next week of training to get to 100 per cent. In possession we found the spaces we wanted to play, but Mostly too slowly. We also played too much,” he wrought Ollie Werner – And Marco Friedel said: “What we have to do better is definitely the ball game. We had our problems, especially in the first half.” But a team leader SV Werder Bremen Outweighed by the positive results, he liked one thing in particular: “We threw ourselves defensively into the ball and demonstrated a lot of action in the last groove. That can give us confidence for next week.”

This is also required. Because 1. FC Köln will certainly make it more difficult for Bremen than Schalke 04, who have been hit hard in terms of personnel. It took about 20 minutes before they became dangerous at all. The early goal made an impact. After good preparatory work from Leonardo Bettencourt and a great cross from Anthony Young Niklas Filling Jug Failed to head in 04 goalkeeper Alexander Schulu, but then executed the rebound safely over the line. This is amazing A packing pitcher whose future is still openIt was really fun, the 29-year-old gave his all, demanded balls and looked for duels. But at some point they let go of his fellows more and more, Schalke 04 He has become bolder and has good chances. indeed Werder Bremen Goalkeeper Jiri Pavlenka was in a really good mood and could not be beat. And above all, his save by Dani Latza (31) was very powerful. And Pavlenka leveled a poor pass of his own as Simon Terodey himself (45th) was blocked.

After the friendly win over Schalke 04: Werder Bremen are happy that the Bundesliga is starting again

After the change, Bremen again controlled the match. Volkrog again occupied the entire defense of Schalke, but failed in the outside position (55th place). Substitute Nicklas Schmidt threw the ball over reserve keeper 04 Ralf Farmann after a brilliant attack on the crossbar (70′). Marvin Doksch (77), Mitchell Weiser (80) and Volkrug (81) missed more good chances to make a preliminary decision. the sig affiliate SV Werder Bremen It was totally fine in the end. Schalke fans were disappointed and whistled at their team’s performance, which shouldn’t make the battle for relegation any easier for the bottom of the table.

And Werder Bremen? Ranked ninth in the table, the green-whites can not only enter the continuation of the season more relaxed, but also feel armed after good preparation. “We are happy to start again, the break was really long. It was fun again to play in front of so many spectators against Schalke.” Ollie Werner He emphasized: “In the end, that’s what it’s about. If there’s no competition on the weekend, I personally get bored quickly. (nickname)

SV Werder Bremen: Pavlenka – Weiser (88th Mbom), Stark (61st Pieper), Veljkovic, Friedl, Jung (70th Buchanan), Groß (70th Stage), Gruev (61st Schmidt), Bittencourt, Ducksch, Füllkrug (88th Dinkci)

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